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Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: Are Free-Riders Ruining the Vegan Movement?

Hi Readers,

Some other eco bloggers and I had a discussion about this article about a study that suggests the vegan movement is too open to “free riders” or those who aren’t really vegan, or even meat-free. And that this inclusiveness is backfiring.

I have some quibbles with the original study, though not the article, which seems balanced. The study is by a vegan sociologist, who obviously starts with the assumption that veganism is the end goal and proceeds from there. I believe that sharply reducing red meat consumption across the board and reducing general meat consumption among wealthy Westerners and Asians would be a huge boon to animals, the environment, and people. And the article seems to agree with me, in a way, showing as proof of the vegan movement’s failure that despite veganism’s popularity on Instagram, Americans are set to eat a record amount of meat this year. (It doesn’t mention consumption of other animal products – making this a vegetarian, not vegan issue.)

What the article doesn’t mention, is that Americans are eating way less red meat, and replacing it with less impactful meats, such as chicken. In that sense, our environmental impact is going in a good direction, despite – or because of – the easy ask of eating less red meat, instead of demanding that everyone never eat any animal products at all. Americans are also consuming a lot less regular milk (bad for the environment) and a lot more plant milk (good for the environment). So again, a great success there, and it’s probably because we’re allowed to drink plant milks even if we still eat organic chicken. Still, if you read the linked articles, you’ll see that consumers are still largely driven by price, not necessarily facts or even influencers. So… meat tax, anyone?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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