Along the lines of reading, how about I share a hardback with you, instead of just digital news? I was sent this book, Nature’s Allies, by Larry A. Nielsen to review. Outlining the careers of eight conservations in the U.S. and elsewhere that fought hard for the environment, it helped me reaffirm what my goals are: to protect our wild spaces and animals from the constant encroachment of irresponsible development. I recommend it if you’re feeling your enthusiasm waning or your focus scattering.

Noocity also sent me one of their Growkits, which helps you start an organic edible garden at home. I’m a brown thumb, this made it easy. It comes with potting soil, organic fertilizer, seedlings, and some audio guides to teach you how to not kill them. I planted mine it whatever is available, but their official kit comes with a growbag as well. They’re raising money on Indiegogo right now.


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