The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Airport Health Hacks, Sustainable Swimwear, Natural Makeup Brands


Hey readers! This weekend for me might actually turn out to be pretty lazy. A brunch with friends, a special sound bath, and the opening party of a new yoga/barre studio right around the block from my apartment. What are you up to this weekend?


I totally agree with these 5 steps to simplify your wardrobe and buy fewer clothes. | The Good Trade

An artist created an art piece out of 17 tons of clothes and put it at a fashion show. She says there’s no message behind it at all. | Vogue

Apparently, luxury brands don’t think paying $7,000 entitles you to a toxin-free dress. | Ecouterre

Wow, so many sustainable swimwear brands! | Paris to Go


How to decode your beauty product labels like a pro. | Nihao New York

Don’t try to make your own coconut oil. | Rodale’s Organic Life

4 types of supplements you should never take. | Rodale’s Organic Life

Did you know the FDA has no power to recall a product, even if it’s making your hair fall out in clumps? There’s legislation that would change that. | NY Times

The best, most honest, comprehensive discussion of birth control options I’ve seen. | GOOP

Did you know there are 18 beautiful and natural makeup brands? | The Good Trade

Amazing tips for getting younger, brighter skin. | Peaceful Dumpling

A great roundup of 10 ethically made totes in camel leather – a basic! | Nihao New York


I’m approaching thirty years old, which makes me nervous about a slowing metabolism. But my cup a day green tea habit might be helping me avoid putting on weight. | Peaceful Dumpling

How to green your entire coffee routine from beginning to end in 6 steps. | Sustainably Chic

These airport health hacks are genius. | Chalkboard Mag


Great tips for being sustainable the lazy way. | Sustainability in Style

Big Ideas

If you want a dude to help you compost or recycle, tell him he’s manly. | NY Mag

They are trying to give away all our natural preserves. | NY Times

Feeling a bit cynical about the conscious lifestyle? How to overcome it. | The Good Trade

Take Action

Tell the FDA to get phthalates out of our food! | EWG

Vote on one of these renewable projects, the one who wins will be prototyped. | Neste

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