Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: Turns Out There Are Sweatshops in Britain

Readers, I’m going silent for exactly one week, starting Monday morning. No email, no blog posts, no social media. Here’s why. In the meantime, enjoy this reading!


I wrote this treatise on 10 things you can do to shop more sustainably for Racked, as part of their three-part package on thoughtful shopping.

British sweatshops are worse than in Asia.The Times

You need three tote bags, max. | Racked

What if we switched to the “performance economy” for clothing? | Business of Fashion

What does ethical fashion really mean? | Racked 

Industrial waste outside of Mumbai is turning dogs blue. | The Guardian 


We should ban glitter. | Mother Nature Network

I tweeted at the author of this story about sunscreen poisoning coral reefs, asking about avobenzone, which is used in many natural sunscreens in lieu of oxybenzone. She said, “It seems dubious as well. i was hoping it would be better.” So… unresolved question? | NY Times

Truth in Advertising filed a complaint in California against GOOP and it makes for fascinating reading. | EcoCult inbox


Why intelligent people fall for the #cleaneating fad. | The Guardian

Climate change is coming for your cava and champagne. | Quartz


This upcycling hack is genius. | Kiss That World


How to effectively protest. | The New Yorker

Friend and fellow blogger Leah Wise lives in Charlottesville, and she has some thoughts to share on her blogger role moving forward. | Style Wise

I went to a college named after Robert E. Lee. This recent grads opinion piece on the topic blew my mind. | NY Times

Climate Change

Could we institute the carbon tax with the next tax overhaul?NY Times

Brazil just opened up a huge Amazon reserve to mining. | BBC

American companies are behind European ones when it comes to caring how they affect people and the planet. | Quartz

In South Africa, black poachers are being killed, while white hunters are, obviously, not. | Newsweek


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