Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: We Don’t Want to End Up Like Louisiana

Photo credit: Lydia Hudgens

Hey readers! You can now get my sustainable city recommendations while you wait for your plane to board. I’m in the new Raleigh & Drake app, which is live in 9,000 iPads across eight major airport terminals. It asks creatives for their personal recommendations for various destinations. Getting the scoop from cool people on what to do in Miami and Berlin is way better than playing Candy Crusher, in my opinion. You can check out my profile in the live version of the platform here.

Speaking of mobile apps, however, this is why I haven’t been posting on Instagram much lately. This blogger nails it, all of it. I’m miserable, and just over it. I want the serendipity of the chronological order back, when I was excited to pop in and see what someone had posted recently and could keep scrolling almost forever. Now, I never see Instagram accounts of the 900 amazing creatives that I follow. I just see the same 20 people’s posts over and over, many times repeatedly, many of them Facebook friends that I can see on Facebook, plus ads. Facebook is doing to Instagram what they did to brand pages a few years back: tinkering with the algorithm in order to herd creators and companies into paying to promote their posts. And it’s made Instagram boring and a huge suckfest. What do you think about Instagram now? Let me know in the comments.


Would you wear a lab-grown diamond? | Blendle 

Ivanka Trump is full of shit.Blendle (support good journalism and sign up!) 

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Affordable, non-toxic, generic stuff.Racked


When organic eggs are not organic. | Washington Post


Apple has so much cash, if anyone can fix their toxic, destructive supply chain, it should be them. | Blendle

Can the World Be Saved?

If we’re not careful, the U.S. might end up like Louisiana: an environmental apocalypse. | Long Reads 

Millennials will lose $8.8 trillion to climate change in our lifetimes. | The Nation 

We’ve been conned into fighting climate change as individuals, by neoliberalism. | The Guardian 

The side effect of making every purchasing decision a moral choice. | Business Insider 

But if you want to fight climate change, support (politically and financially) birth control, move to a place with public transportation, take fewer airplane trips, and reduce the amount of meat you eat. | NPR

Fixing air conditioning would be the simplest way to to cut emissions worldwide. | NY Times

We could just pay people to not cut down trees. It’s actually pretty cheap, as far as climate solutions go. | NY Times

Plastic, plastic, everywhere.  | Quartz

The last best empty place in America. NY Times 

New York, New York

NYC has a disgraceful recycling rate of 17%, and is considering making people pay for trash disposal. | Crains New York

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