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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: About That Whole Leather Being a Byproduct Thing…

Happy Pride Month, readers! This goes out to all the L, B, G, T, and Q people I know who make my life 100% richer.

I was featured in Fashion Fix Daily’s list of Top Ethical Fashion Bloggers this week. There are some really good ones in there!


“Of course, when the workers asked me what they should do, a part of my brain was screaming silently all kinds of things. But I didn’t have any answers; I was a silent observer, almost mute, taking refuge behind the viewfinder.” | Dazed

Goods that broadcast a consumer’s high education levels and cultural awareness have gained importance, such as organic produce and yoga classes. Sustainably made luxury goods work as status symbols in both paradigms. | Quartz

There’s no longer enough meat eating to meet the demand for leather. | Business of Fashion


Mark Shelhamer, who used to be the chief scientist at NASA’s human-research division, weighed in as well, saying, “Wow. What a load of BS this is.”NY Mag

What’s perhaps most striking about wellness’s ascendancy is that it’s happening because, in our increasingly bifurcated world, even those who do have access to pretty good (and sometimes quite excellent, if quite expensive) traditional health care are left feeling, nonetheless, incredibly unwell.The Cut

Both GOOP and Infowars sell the same, unproven ingredients. | Quartz


I think this story should be called, Health Bloggers With No Journalism, Nutrition, or Science Training Were Wrong About Coconut Oil and We Are All Shocked.  | USA Today

Here’s a smart, balanced response to the above scandal. The answer is always: “in moderation.” | Natural Gourmet Institute

Amazon buying Whole Foods is the death of conscious capitalism. | Salon

Big Ideas

Here are three inspiring local stories in the global effort to #SaveOurOcean. | UNDP

Let’s say for 20 years you’ve been observing a tree on a fern-covered crag thousands of feet above sea level on an island in the Pacific. Then one day you hike up to check on the plant and find it dying. You know it’s the last one of its species, and that you’re the only witness to the end of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the snuffing out of a line of completely unique genetic material. You might have to sit down and write a poem. | Quartz

The campaign to eliminate needless straws is picking up speed. | Washington Post

Also, here’s a campaign to get stores to close their damn doors in the summer. | Keep It Cool

Consumer power is not going to save the world. But democratic power will. | Sydney Morning Herald

It’s similar to how an impoverished person lives an empowered life because they don’t have things. Likewise, minimalism bring freedom and enrichment to your life. | Ultra Spiritual


Myanmar bulldozed natural landscapes to build hotels and now they’re empty. | Bloomberg

New York, New York

NYC is marking $108 million to combat the heat island effect, including trees and white roofs. | Gothamist

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