Hey readers! I’m back from New Orleans and catching up with all the news. What did I miss?

Kidding. I haven’t been able to tear myself away from the trainwreck in Washington D.C. for more than an hour. But there are other things happening out in the world that have to do with sustainability. So read up on what I’ve found this week.


What is a chief sustainability officer? | Racked

Bring it. | H&M

England has sweatshops, too. | The Guardian

The fashion conglomerate Kering is attacking its carbon emissions with vigor. | NY Times

Shoes that will dissolve in your sink when you’re done. (Don’t worry about them melting off your feet – they need an enzyme to break down.) | Tree Hugger

Modavanti now has a whole section devoted to t-shirts with the wittiest signs from the Women’s March. | Modavanti


Now we’re into fast beauty – because apparently certain consumers don’t care at all about the ingredients in a beauty brand, as long as it’s cute. | Business of Fashion


Wow. If you aren’t asking where your seafood is from, it might give you an antibiotic-resistant superbug. | Bloomberg


Forget the beach! I’m thinking about spending my next vacation homesteading. | NY Times

Republicans are trying to sell off our national parks. | The Verge

Climate Change

Louisiana is dealing with climate change right now – it’s shrinking. | Bloomberg


My friend and talented photographer Rachel Fry is selling fine art prints of the Women’s March on Washington for $50 apiece, all proceeds benefitting the ACLU.

How long until the U.S. has gag-worthy air like China? Or poisonous water like Bangladesh? | Quartz

Proceeds of this electrifying art auction benefit Planned Parenthood. | By Their Fruits

“Those linked arms have some sharp elbows.” | Time

New York

Wind power is here| NY Times