Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: What to Do About Your Sweat Stained Blouse


Hey readers,

I’m going to try something new today. Instead of just talking at you (which I feel like I do often, on this blog and in life) I want to make this more of a conversation. Maybe, maybe! it could someday be a real community. So let me start small with a small request: Will you leave a comment below and tell me one thing you would change about EcoCult if you could? I’ll be listening.

PS. Fellow Ethical Writers Coalition member Kari sent me an email to tell me that her conscious magazine Rank & File is hiring – they’re looking for a director of marketing.

In the meantime, some reading I loved during the past couple of weeks:


African countries are thinking about banning the import of used clothing. | Huffington Post

How to survive ethical fashion. | My New Neighbor

This beautifully written piece just made me into a DeSmet convert. | The Note Passer

OK, but actually? Hemp is so soft now! And sustainable, of course. | Sustainably Chic

A different way to look at fast fashion manufacturing … a women’s liberation vehicle? | New York Times

Here’s what you need to know about Tencel. | Good On You

Did you know you can dye fabric pink with avocado pits? Bookmarking this next time my blouse turns yellow! | Sustaining Life

10 ethical alternatives to Madewell’s transport tote. | Grechen’s Closet


The veggie-focused chef Daphne Cheng is moving to China! | Daphne Cheng

Stop ordering delivery! | Eater

This is what happens when you try to run a food company like a tech company…warning, total bro behavior ahead. | Bloomberg

Holly is back with another illuminating guide. This time on tea. | Leotie Lovely

Definitely going to put this amazing looking squash salad on my to-make list for this week. | Sparkle Kitchen


Natalie’s new (sustainable) bedroom is so peaceful and beautiful! | Sustainably Chic


Where the cobalt in your electronics comes from. | Washington Post

How to live like a Parisienne. | Peaceful Dumpling


A helpful review of eco-friendly wedding jewelry company Mia Donna’s home try-on program. | Black Sheep Bride


What we could learn from Barcelona’s super blocks. | New York Times

Big Ideas

I’m so inspired by how Holly is gaining good vibes and energy to do the right thing in accumulating likeminded peeps in Paris. | Leotie Lovely

The fate of climate change might rest in a clerical error. | NY Times

Should we just make ourselves really tiny to save the planet? | NY Mag

How did climate change not get more lip service in the debate? | Refinery29

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