Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Weekend Reading: Should Invasive Animals Be Killed to Save Native Endangered Animals?

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I contributed to this article for New York Magazine outlining the very best sustainable white t-shirts. So many options in there, check it out!


Why do ethical fashion brands all look the same? | Fashionista 

A new report charges that biotech materials could actually harm the environment, and will definitely harm people. Take Bolt Threads for example. A replacement for silk, which is a sustainable and traditional fabric that supports the livelihoods of millions of people, it will merely enrich the technology center while causing harm to millions. | Sourcing Journal

A start-up called Tip 4 Good, which would allow consumers to “tip” the factory workers who made their fashion, is looking for a fashion brand who wants to do a pilot program with them.


The existential void of pop-up experiences. | NY Times

Should invasive animals be killed to save endangered species?The Atlantic


Major brands are continuing to source palm oil from destructive sources, despite promises they would change. | Pacific Standard

Is your lunch salad habit good for the planet? Maybe not.NY Times

Yet more reasons to not use artificial sweeteners: they’re bad for your gut bacteria ad the oceans! | Peaceful Dumpling

Climate Change

That climate change report basically says that a genocide of hundreds of millions of people is coming. | NY Mag

Stopping climate change is hopeless. Let’s do it.

There’s a little-known treaty coming into force on January 1 that could help delay climate change. | Grist

Have your heard of the SDGs, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? They’re things that every country is striving for to build a better, more sustainable world. Well, Futerra put together a video explaining how you can strive to help reach the goals in your own life. Definitely worth a watch!

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