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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Is Stella McCartney Burning Unsold Clothes?

Hi readers,

We’re leaving Budapest today and taking the overnight train to Bucharest. I’m excited for the journey! But I still haven’t gotten many recommendations yet for Bucharest, except for a friend of ours who is American-Romanian, so pretty please: if you have any or know someone who has been, please comment!

So, this article really caught my attention. It’s about how individual career advice on how to beat sexism unfairly puts all the burden on individual women to change an entire system, and actually leads to people being lest supportive of systemic change. What made me sit up, is how I think the exact same thing applies to environmental activism. Give it a read and let me know what you think in the comments!


Everlane is launching a Clean Silk initiative. | Fashionista

Stella McCartney is being evasive on whether her brand burns its old stock. | Apparel Insider

People vastly overestimate how much of their wardrobe they actually wear. You probably do too.FashionUnited

Researchers have proven: the most expensive jeans aren’t always the highest quality. | Sourcing Journal

How to shop for sustainable denim. | The Cut

How luxury companies are pursuing sustainability. | Sourcing Journal

I love the look of Reebok’s new cotton + corn shoe. Sorry, it sold out immediately. | Design Boom 

Online shopping is too easy: We are accumulating a mountain of stuff. | The Atlantic


How to tell if a hotel is actually eco-friendly. | Green Suitcase Travel

Don’t fall for the “sanctuary” trap when you travel! | Here and There Collective

Beauty & Health

When journalists are way too excited about a not-very-good health study and actually end up hurting people’s health. | Pacific Standard


This is why the public doesn’t trust the EPA anymore. | Undark

Plastic Watch

Contact lenses are plastic! Do not flush them!Quartz

Beer, drinking water, fish: plastic is everywhere. | NPR

Cigarette butts are way worse for the environment than straws. Ban the filter! | NBC News

Plastic bags are actually better for the environment than cotton totes…unless you care about ocean plastic. | The Verge

Climate Change

If you’re reading this, you might be interested in knowing what the best climate change jobs are. | TalentDesk

For us to survive, we’ll have to kill the car. | Undark

Good news! The planet has more trees now than it did 35 years ago! | Pacific Standard

This article on whether things are getting better or worse blew my mind. | The New Yorker

Take Action

Some of these links will pay me a small fee if you sign them and join the mailing list of an organization. 

This Florida community thinks turtle nests are an eyesore and wants them gone. | Care2 

Iceland killing whales again. | Care2 

Apparently, South Africa exports lion bones for Chinese medicine. | Care2 

How to help Kerala, India, which suffered devastating flooding last week. | Breathe, Dream and Go

How to make people care about your cause. | Stanford Social Innovation Review

Investing in socially and environmentally conscious funds can help you beat the market, it turns out. | Fortune

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