Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Weekend Reading: Apply by Tomorrow for This Amazing Sustainable Travel Program

Hi readers,

Want to support NGOs and experience other cultures during a year-long trip around the world?

The deadline to apply to this amazing experience is tomorrow!

World Life Experience, launched in 2017, is a project aimed to encourage greater awareness of the relevance of sustainable development and social responsibility by giving 11 people the opportunity to travel to 24 countries over the course of one year. This objective is being realized through the synergies between people, business communities and humanitarian associations around the globe. The 11 travelers interact with locals at each destination and provide support for local NGOs. This dynamic gives World Life Experience participants a greater awareness of the social, environmental and cultural diversity that exists in the world, and their experience is shared on social networks in real time.

Are you interested in being one of the next 11 travelers? Find out more and apply to the next World Life Experience here


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