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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Common Myths About Recycling

Hi readers,

I’m writing to you from a coffee shop in Buenos Aires. This city is like a slightly run-down Paris – the disdain of the waiter feels so familiar! I haven’t really fully explored yet, so I’m saving my conclusions until I can get to know the city a bit better. Any recommendations or tips?

I’m very proud to be in this list of Instagram’s most inspiring environmentalists, alongside some huge names, like Chris Burkard! And Modern Farmer asked me how you can be a more sustainable beauty consumer, while Futerra named me a Fashion Revolutionary.

Meanwhile, my friend V. Erin Polowy spoke to the Spirit of 608 podcast about the right way to work with influencers.


5 years ago, Rana Plaza collapsed and killed more than 1,100 people. What has changed?Vogue UK

Kering is serious business on sustainability. It’s just not obvious. | Refinery29

Now Bangladeshi garment suppliers have their own Yelp…for corporate fashion brands. | Sustainable Brands

There’s now a mushroom leather that Stella McCartney made a handbag out of. Purses made with it (not by Stella, unfortunately) will go on sale in a few months. Curious to see how it looks in person! | The Current Daily

The real cost of cheap shirts: a photo essay. | NY Times

This report ranks brands based on transparency. Shame on you, Barney’s and Dior. | Sustainable Brands


**Adds oat milk to grocery list.** | Mother Jones via Blendle. PS. I’m linking to a Blendle article. Blendle is a service that aggregates the best quality journalism, and charges you a few cents for each article. Why am I linking to it? A. because I’m lazy and don’t feel like searching around for the original article. And b. SUPPORT JOURNALISM IT WILL SAVE US. I’m going to keep linking to Blendle articles until you sign up. K, thanks. 

Is gene-edited the same as GMO? | Wall Street Journal via Blendle


The reason why the U.S. doesn’t have good, safe sunscreen. | Newsweek via Blendle


Sustainable travel isn’t just about the environment. | NY Times

I was so confused about Cape Town’s water crisis. Now, I finally get it. | Huffington Post Highline

Big Ideas

A beautiful day of remembrance for lost species. | Undark

Scott Pruitt is evil. | Mother Jones via Blendle

Common myths about recycling, debunked. | Washington Post via Blendle

Don’t despair, though.NY Times Opinion

Fuck your love spells, Mexico. | National Geographic

Sustainable life hacks. | Jessica Marati Radparvar Medium

Colombians are suing their government for not protecting the environment. Could their strategy succeed in the U.S. and elsewhere? | Pacific Standard

Do you live in these U.S. voter districts? Because these climate skeptics need to be voted out! | Pacific Standard

Plastic Watch

Scientists accidentally created an enzyme that eats plastic. | The Guardian

This used to be the type of story I would keep to myself. It must be because I didn’t try hard enough to be zero waste on this trip, I’d think. Next time I’ll try harder.” | Litterless 

A sperm whale washed up on the shores of Spain with 64 pounds of plastic in its stomach. | Quartz

No wonder Americans drink so much bottled water, when we have this failing water system. | Pacific Standard

Take Action

I’m all about Greenpeace’s campaign to make corporations stop manufacturing so much plastic. You should absolutely sign the pledge and get the workbooks that come with it!

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