The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Weekend Reading: Essential Oils Do Not Cure Cancer, FYI

Hi readers, I had the opportunity to visit Eileen Fisher’s exhibit this week in Brooklyn, where they showed the process of collecting, sorting, and upcycling old Eileen Fisher clothing. I especially loved the new strategy their trying of mending holes in sweaters with gold thread, after the Japanese technique of kintsugi or mending broken pottery with gold. I think mending a hole with regular yard would look to handcraft-y, but this was a super cute, luxe strategy that I can totally get behind!

I was on NPR’s On Point talking about how predatory multilevel marketing companies are.

Some interesting thoughts on what “ethical” blogging actually means from Leah of Style Wise. Should bloggers use bots on Instagram? What about promote expensive ethical fashion that they couldn’t personally afford? (Guilty.)


Why reselling your clothes makes you want to cry from embarrassment. | Racked

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Could we be wearing kelp in a few years? | Observer 

There were Green Carpet fashion awards in Italy last week! | LOWLY

How to buy nothing, get stuff, and make friends. | Racked


I’m swinging back toward staying in boutique hotels for my travel, not AirBnB. | Soul Travel Blog

I’m definitely using this app next time I’m at the beach! | Rodale’s Organic Life

Don’t do this when you visit the Amazon. | National Geographic

If this happens, I will ONLY fly Easyjet! | PS Mag


A cute little guide on the basics of going eco and waste-free, from beginner to extreme steps. (Thanks for including me!) | One Green Body

Essential oils do not fix everything. And MLMs ruin everything. | The New Yorker


Could lab-grown meat and fish feed the world without killing a single animal? | Guardian

I walked past a Sweetgreen in midtown yesterday and the line was out the door. How do they do it? | Inc. via Blendle


Why aren’t we allowed to fix our stuff anymore?The Economist via Blendle


If you’re in midtown, take the Citibike – it’s faster. | Todd W. Schneider 

There’s a really interesting exhibit on modern fashion (and its environmental implications) going on right now at the MoMA. | Faubourg 

Climate Change

I’ve been saying this for years. | Broadly

We can’t rely on tropical forests to sequester carbon if we’re simultaneously messing them up. | PC Mag

A new documentary covers the controversial topics of climate change and trans rights in one man. | Denial

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