Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

The Top 9 Most Popular Posts in EcoCult’s First Year


Guys this has been an amazing journey. Full of ups and downs. I’ve laughed I’ve cried, I’ve–

Oh, whatever. I’ve been bloggin’. For one year, every day I’ve hit the snooze, gotten up, dragged myself to the kitchen for tea, and sat down to my laptop. I’ve apologized to my roommates for being in a robe until noon, spent days of my life emailing, fretted over photos, hugged and kissed and battled with PR people, tried to explain my job to my grandmothers (I tell them I have a magazine that is on the Internet), found grammatical mistakes everywhere, attended too many boring events and a few amazing ones, gotten a bunch of free stuff I didn’t want and a few things I fell in love with, taken weekdays off and worked on weekends, freaked out at least once a month when I realized I hadn’t scheduled anything for Monday, felt guilty about sleeping past 8 am, felt guilty about being behind on writing stories about cool people I’ve interviewed, wrote beautiful posts that few noticed and crappy posts that no one noticed, tried to explain to my friends and family that just because I’m a blogger it doesn’t mean I don’t have obligations, gone to yoga at 11 am and worked until 2 am, and led a generally mundane blogger life.

And I’ve made it here. I’m still bloggin’. And I’m going to continue blogging because I think people like this blog/online magazine. I think it’s providing value. I get lots of compliments and a few people call me a bitch (mostly smokers). And I love getting up every day knowing I’m writing about stuff that, while it may not be on the level of geopolitics or sequencing the genome, it’s helping make the world a little bit of a better place.

So, in honor of EcoCult being around for one whole year (06/10/13 – 06/16/14), here are the most popular blog posts of EcoCult’s first year:

What’s the Deal With Organic American Spirit Cigarettes?


I wrote about American Spirit cigarettes in February just because I thought it was an interesting topic. Smoking organic cigarettes seems like an oxymoron, and yet a lot of people in Brooklyn do it. Well, a lot of people everywhere must be curious about this, because 34,000 people have stopped by to read what I have to say on the subject. As with any internet-popular post, I’ve had a lot of crazy commenters. There are conspiracy theories, clever retorts, and outright name-calling. (I delete the name callers because personal attacks are against my commenting policy. Yay!) If you want to see a whole microcosm of justifying, go take a look.

The Perfect Pool Party and Beach Playlist for Summer


This came about by accident, really. It has nothing to do with sustainability and everything to do with my other love: music. Three years ago my sister asked me to make her a pool party playlist, and I went wild with it. Then I decided to put it up on my blog to share with the world. There must not be many other playlists out there, because my redux last summer has been cleaning up every since. My spotify playlist has about 200 subscribers, as well. Clearly this struck a chord (heh), so I did a 2014 version.

Green Beauty Review: Testing 11 Non-Toxic Nail Polishes


It’s a well-kept secret in the beauty world that the nail polishes with the most press are not the ones that work the best. I put 11 polishes to the test and documented my results. Women must be on the prowl for more info on this! Hmmm, what should my next testing post be about? Deodorant? Mascara?

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This, and That’s What Scares Me


This post exploded across the electronic music scene in NYC beyond, speaking a truth to many people like me who cherish the underground, authentic haven dance music provides us. A few days later, I was talking to a stranger in line for the bathroom at Paperbox in Brooklyn, and he brought up the article of his own accord. “I wrote that,” I told him. “You wrote that??” he gaped. It even made me some new friends who I still hang out with, which is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. Thank you Internets.

The 11 Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Sites to Do Your Fall Shopping


Whoa! There are 11 sustainable fashion sites? Why, yes, yes there are. Get to shoppin.’

The Three Best NYC Smoothie Joints That Are Actually Healthy


Hey, a girl’s gotta eat. When I’m running around and don’t have time for a meal, a smoothie is my go-to. Others must feel the same, because this post has performed pretty well over the past year.

How to Turn Sweaty Bike Helmet Hair Into Sexy Bike Helmet Hair


My dear friend Crazy A., as I like to call her for internet fame purposes, asked me if I had tips for dealing with helmet hair. I told her no, and if she figured it out, she should tell me. She figured it out, and she wrote an illustrated (and genius) guest post. Hey Crazy A., when are you going to write another??

I’m Not Like Those EDM People: An Important Note About My Taste in Music


I felt like I had to clarify for you guys how my taste in music and my tight-knit community of music-obsessed friends differs from the Electric Zoo crowd. And other people felt the exact same way.

Beacon, New York Is an Eco-Friendly and Romantic Weekend Destination


I didn’t plan on writing a popular post about Beacon when I headed up there. I just decided at the last minute to bring my camera and take pictures. But once I got to Beacon, I became obsessed. So many farm-to-table restaurants! So many handcrafted items and art! It speaks to Beacon as a tight-knit community that when they got word I wrote about them, they passed it around like a grandmother passing around pictures of her grandchildren.

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