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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Want Love Need: Sustainable Things I Found This Month

So many things! This one-woman blog can’t give long, beautiful editorials to all the interesting new brands and launches I’m discovering. So I periodically put them all in a post for you to peruse. (I didn’t mean to do that just now with the Ps, but I kind of like it.)

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

Need: Vrai & Oro

Vrai & Oro (truth in French and gold in Spanish), makes simple, timeless jewelry pieces that can be worn every day. They sell direct to consumer (à la Everlane or Reformation) so that the prices are more reasonable. Find a set of three gold stacking rings for $140, and solitaire diamond and gold earrings for $405. All the jewelry is made in Los Angeles. Consider it a capsule jewelry collection: Only the beautiful basics.

Vrai and Oro line bar earrings Vrai and Oro customizable necklace
Vrai and Oro stacking rings Vrai and Oro baguette diamond earrings

Want: IN.SEK

I first came across IN.SEK’s work at Species by the Thousands when the owner, Erica, saw me gazing in awe at a planter with dystopian metal fragments embedded into a gaping hole. IN.SEK is a Brooklyn-based company that designs and creates products, furniture, lighting, sculpture, and architectural spaces. They use solar power in their studio workshop, donate sawdust to local farmers, create as little waste as possible, and strive to create quality pieces that are durable and timeless. While much of their work is custom and for commercial clients, you can get your hands on one of their handmade products at chic boutiques in NYC, including Modern Anthology, Sprout Home, and Story.

insek1 IN.SEK
IN.SEK hanging planter IN.SEK incense holder

Love: Zeal Living

Zeal Living is a platform that showcases undiscovered and up-and-coming African talent. Everything found on Zeal Living was made by an expert artisan as part of a social enterprise, in the studio of an independent designer, or was hand selected from an African market by the founder, Caitlin, for beauty and quality.

Zeal Living // Feather Wall Art Zeal Living // handwoven bowl
Zeal Living // Cow Horn Vase Zeal Living // Cow Hide

Need: Just B Smiling

Just B Smiling is a collection of one-of-a-kind phone cases made with real florals and foliage, handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada.

Pressed Flower iPhone Case Pressed Flower iPhone Case
Pressed Flower iPhone Case Pressed Flower iPhone Case

Need: Woron

Woron is a Scandinavian basics and lingerie brand based in Copenhagen, founded by sisters Anya and Arina Woron. Each bra, panty, tank, and bodysuit is made to be worn season after season and mixed and matched. Everything is made with the eco-friendly and soft textile modal and non-toxic dye that is Ökotex certified according to EU legislation.

Woron sustainable bodysuit with modal and non-toxic dye Woron modal and non-toxic dye lingerie

Want: Aiayu 

Aiayu, an award-winning Danish company, creates sustainable knit fashion and home goods out of llama wool. The classic designs, made in Bolivia by artisans, come in neutral colors to ensure their longevity. Aiayu is so committed to sustainability, they built a water treatment plant for dying the wool to ensure the wastewater was treated and reused.

Aiaya llama wool pants Aiayu // llama wool blazer
Aiaya // llama wool long-sleeved tee Aiayu // organic cotton button down
Aiayu // llama wool grey throw Aiayu // llama wool throw pillow

Love: Loyangalani

Loyangalani, means ‘place of many trees’ in the Samburu tongue. For the travelers that follow ancient trade routes, trees means that there is water – an oasis where different ethnic groups coexist with minimal conflict. Founder Gladys Macharia wanted to emulate that sense of cohesion with her brand Loyangalani. “Under the African Skies,” pictured, is a collection produced by talented artisans based in Kiambu, Ngara, and downtown Nairobi, and inspired by African myths on Astrology and the constellation of stars.

Loyangalani crescent moon earrings // made in Africa Loyangalani crystal and moon necklace // made in Africa
Loyangalani bangle // made in Africa Loyangalani // made in Africa

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