I find new brands I enjoy a few different ways. Sometimes they email me. Sometimes I hear about them from sustainable fashion advocates, or read about them in a conventional magazine. Either way I want to share them with you! Here are the brands I’ve discovered in the past couple of months that I think you should know about.

Want: Mute Object

Mute Object recycled gold studs Mute Object recycled gold ring

mute object is architecturally-inspired jewelry created to be subtle, simple, and wearable. all pieces handmade from recycled 14k gold and sterling silver in New York.

Need: Allbirds

All Birds Merino wool shoe

Merino wool – sweat wicking, temperature regulating, ordor eating – is fast becoming the darling of the sustainable athlete. Now there’s a chic running shoe that uses it, too. Allbirds’ merino wool has a carbon footprint that is 60% smaller than typical synthetic materials used in shoes, ad is ZQ-certified, which means it meets stringent standards of sustainable farming and animal welfare. Allbirds also use castor beans for the green polyurethane used in their insoles. The shoes are shipped right in their shoebox, which uses 40% less materials than traditional shoe packaging. And they are on their way to becoming a certified B Corporation. The shoe pictured is backordered (because it’s so chic!) but it comes in other colors, too.

Love: The Doen Collective

Doen has a mission to close the gender gap at all levels of fashion manufacturing.

This women-owned fashion company uses domestic production wherever possible, and carefully selects overseas manufacturers for their intricate hand-woven, hand-embroidered, and knit pieces. Their production partners in California, India, and Peru share their commitment to supporting and involving women throughout the process of creating the collection while decreasing the gender gap throughout the supply chain. Every overseas factory they work with has a female owner or co-owner.

Need: Cocodune

Cocodune bathing suits let you try them on at home. And they're affordable!

This new swimwear brand is the very first to provide an at-home try on option. You choose up to four pieces – full suits start at $94 – with no upfront cost. Try them on, keep the ones you want, and send back the ones you don’t. Each piece is designed and made in LA using proprietary 100% recyclable Italian fabric, which they claim provides extra sculpting for an even more flattering fit.

Love: Uniforme

Uniforme Uniforme


The pieces for Uniforme were inspired by the uniform dressing and consumption more typical to menswear: to buy less and buy better, and make well-considered purchases based on the design, materials, construction and longevity of a garment. The fabrics include luxury shirting from Switzerland, fine suiting from Great Britain, organic linen from Germany, and bleached linen twill from Belgium. The garments are manufactured in New York City’s garment district. By launching the line direct-to-consumer and thereby eliminating a level of markup, they hope to offer luxury garments at a more affordable price.

Want: Marlow Goods

Marlow Goods accessories are made from the hides leftover from the meat produced for farm to table restaurants in New York City

It might seem odd for a restaurant group to go into accessories. But the people behind Marlow and Sons, Marlow and Daughters, Diner, and Reynard at the Wythe Hotel have taken their use-all-parts sensibility to leather goods. Their spare handbags and backpacks are made from the leather leftover from meat production at the upstate farm where they get their grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, and eggs from, Kinderhook Farm. They purchase roughly 260 raw cow hides a year from them, and are working towards purchasing all of their 243 sheep hides as well. The bags are made in New Jersey by an Ecuadorian husband-and-wife duo.

Love: Saans

Apiece Apart ribbed leggings Apiece Apart high wasted pant
Wool scarf with shearling Isapera sandals

Based in New York, Saans offers a broad range of slow fashion brands for women’s clothing, footwear and accessories. They feature premium sustainable fashion that is timeless and chic, with traceable origins. Bonus: Like, everything is on sale right now.

Love: Naadam Cashmere

Naadam’s mission is to source and produce the world’s finest fibers, while preserving the values and livelihood of the herders.
They support the herders’ livestock through microeconomic development, thereby gaining first access to the world’s finest fibers, then partner with the best Italian mills to produce quality garments. A percentage of their profits go back to preserve the herders livestock through annual vaccination programs.

Ethically made cashmere beanie by Naadam Ethically made cashmere ribbed tunic `

Love: Erin Considine

Supported by a small team of skilled fiber artists and metalsmiths, Erin Considine makes clean, traceable, high-craft jewelry, anchored in sustainability and simple sculptural forms. Their studio eschews traditional jewelry industry chemicals, such as sparex acid, chemical oxidizers, and plating. Their pieces are made to order to avoid overproduction. The pieces use recycled gold, brass, sterling silver, vintage pieces, and natural fibers that are colored using plant-based dyes.

Vegetable dyed necklace by Erin Considine erin_considine_caril_invert_cuff_silver_grande

Need: Fair Seas Supply Co.

Organic round turkish towel by Fair Seas Organic turkish towels by Fair Seas

This new company makes round, organic, GOTS-certified, Turkish cotton beach blankets that are designed and sewn in Southern California at a factory that pays fair wages. All of the packaging, including the shipping labels and tape, are made from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Want: Moyi Moyi

Saddle bag made by Moyi Moyi in Ethiopia This Scandinavian company has their bags made in Ethiopia and Nigeria

Designed in Stockholm, Moyi Moyi partners with master artisans in Nigeria and Ethiopia, blending the Scandinavian, modern style with their time-tested techniques. They exclusively use premium leather from Ethiopia and Nigeria, striving to use vegetable tanned or semi-vegetable tanned leather, which gives the leather distinctive characteristics as well as being the most environmentally friendly. By limiting the number of middlemen, they are able to offer handmade goods that are crafted with the highest quality at reasonable prices.

Want: Erin Templeton

Festival pouch by Erin Templeton Makeup bag made with recycled leather

All of Templeton’s designs are lovingly handmade in her Canadian studio with recycled leather, imported cowhides, or a selection of exclusive and locally tanned elks and bison.

Love: elborne

Elborne living Vegan moto jacket

This new online store promotes modern, sustainable, responsible clothing for women who love fashion. Their standards for the brands they carry include no leather or fur in any of the items they sell, responsible production practices with minimum impact to the environment, and transparency and traceability of materials and manufacturing. Many of their brands are certified “B” corporations, who meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency set by the non-profit, B-Lab.