The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Want Love Need: 6 Ethical and Sustainable Brands I’ve Fallen in Love With This Fall

A big part of my work (and travel) involves not over-consuming or buying things I don’t need or won’t actually use. I have to admit, this can be difficult sometimes when there are so many thoughtfully-designed, gorgeous, sustainable brands available now. When ten years ago I could barely find anything that was eco-friendly while simultaneously stylish and affordable, it’s a good “problem” to have.

I still love sharing with you the brands I come across and fall in love with, even if I haven’t gotten to try out their products myself (yet). Here are six brands I’ve found recently that are definitely worth checking out.

LOVE: Cesta

Cesta baskets are hand woven by female artisans in Rwanda out of locally-sourced natural resources and finished off in New York City. They are made out of sisal, which is biodegradable, yet strong (solving the woven basket durability problem). The baskets are woven using a specific method that’s been passed down from mother to daughter for generations and allows the women to be the breadwinners of their homes.

WANT: Parisa Wang x Reformation

Handbag designer Parisa Wang teamed up with Reformation to create a new gorgeous collection made by experienced artisans out of recycled and/or scrap leather. The re-manufacturing process that transforms traditional leather into Veryleather, gives the material a new life by using less water and leaving a smaller carbon footprint than traditional leather manufacturing. You can get the larger Bucket Bag in black, or the smaller Bracelet Bag in white.


ARC NK goods are meant to inspire you to seize the moment, take in the beauty and majesty of the earth, and pursue a healthier work/life dynamic. Their accessories are made from natural and sustainably-sourced materials by skilled Bolivian artisans using traditional methods.

NEED: Tom Foolery

Tom Foolery makes beautiful yet practically-designed jumpsuits and rompers that allow you to be comfortable, look classy, and move freely all at once. Actually, the design was originally inspired by the idea that using the bathroom in a jumpsuit shouldn’t have to be so difficult! These pieces are made fairly in Los Angeles out of natural fibers, like cotton, combined with recycled plastic bottles from Haiti.

LOVE: Kepola Design House

Kepola Design House was created with the intention of returning to a more thoughtful and handcrafted approach to fashion by integrating modern design elements into nostalgic silhouettes. Everything is made in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii using natural, organic, and recycled fibers whenever possible.

LOVE: La Petite Sardine

La Petite Sardine works with artisans all over the globe (primarily Portugal) to create these super cute baskets out of locally-sourced, natural materials.

LOVE: Enji Studio


Enji Studio jewelry is designed and handcrafted in their studio just outside of San Diego, California. With a focus on timeless design, they use ethically sourced and fair trade gems and partner with multiple nonprofit organizations to benefit those who have been victims of or are vulnerable to human trafficking, domestic violence, and unethical mining practices.

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