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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Want, Love, Need: 17 Eco and Ethical Fashion Brands I’m Loving For The Spring

In my wanderings across the internet and life, I come across far too many wonderful brands to feature them all in their own long write-ups. So I periodically like to put them in a big post of wonderfulness. I hope you find something in here you like!

Some of these brands sent me free product or provided compensation for their features. As always, EcoCult only supports brands that are making a difference in the world — support EcoCult by supporting them!

Want: Forsythia Studio

Gorgeous, conscious women’s luxury fashion

Forsythia’s beautiful pieces are produced in New York City in order to decrease waste, minimize their carbon footprint, and cut down on the turnaround time for customers, while also increasing quality control and ensuring that the working conditions of its employees are safe and fair. They use eco-friendly fabrics like silk, organic cotton, hemp, and wool and all pieces are made-to-order.


Want: Legend Bracelet

A bracelet that reminds you to explore the world and protect it

The Legend Bracelet is made of tree bark using a process that actually extends the tree’s life expectancy and increases CO2 absorption. The bracelet contains a capsule on each side; one contains sand from the arctic which was obtained by scientists who are studying the carbon content in permafrost (the process of the frozen ground thawing and releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere). The capsule on the other side is empty so the wearer can fill it with earth or sand from somewhere meaningful. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and fill it with some of my own memories!


Love: DELGATTO | I Do Now I Don’t

A huge reseller of diamonds and jewelry

Buying used and secondhand is the most sustainable way to shop. That’s why I was happy to find I Do Now I Don’t, which has a gigantic selection of not only used engagement rings and wedding bands, but also fine and vintage jewelry and watches. IDNID’s motto is that “every diamond resold means one less diamond mined” — and we all know how much destruction the mining industry has done to the environment and the people (including children) who are mining them. You can sell your own fine jewelry on the site too.


Love: Kit Culture

Sustainable, everyday menswear

Kit Culture is a Los Angeles-based men’s brand that prioritizes versatility and sustainability in all of its designs and only works with local factories based in Los Angeles. The team at Kit Culture finds the best deadstock fabrics and gives them a second life in the form of innovative designs for everyday living. They also utilize sustainable fabrics like Tencel, organic cotton, and polyester made from recycled water and soda bottles. They release products one at a time to gauge interest and avoid excessive inventory. Check out their newest release: the Planet Pant.


Love: Olderbrother

Naturally-dyed, gender-neutral fashion

Olderbrother is “the intermix between men/women, play/sophistication, and contemporary/nature-based design.” The brand has a truly unique process of creating gender-neutral clothes that are hand-dyed in the USA out of only natural and biodegradable dyes like hibiscus, madder root, coffee, and turmeric. That means they’re free of all those chemicals that are toxic to the planet and the wearer. All of their clothing is hand sewn in sunny Los Angeles out of eco-friendly materials.



Modern, ethically-made caftans and resortwear

Mirth was created by two sisters after they fell in love with heritage textiles during several years of travel. Their collections feature beautiful, handmade textiles created by artisans in India, many of whom are women. Their fabrics are sourced from India and printed at a block printing workshop owned by a fourth generation printer.


Love: Haida Co.

Colorful and culturally-rich accessories

Haida Co. uses natural fibers, high-quality leather, and plant-based dyes to create handmade, one-of-a-kind accessories. Their artisans, based in Indonesia, use traditional weaving techniques like “ikat” and “songket,” which have been passed down for generations.



Conscious, unique clothing and accessories for men and women that encourage self-expression

You may remember my amazing RITUAL hip pack I wore at Burning Man. This brand creates super badass masculine and feminine apparel and eclectic accessories like belts, harnesses, holsters, and jewelry. They use sustainable materials like Lenzing Modal and leather from Indonesia, where sheep and goat are staples in the diet (making it a true byproduct). Each piece that RITUAL sells is highly quality, I can personally attest, and truly a work of art.


Want: Peace Fur

Fur sourced exclusively from wildlife that die accidentally

Apparently about a million animals die on American roads each day. It’s sad of course, but why not take those animals and create biodegradable, sustainable, and durable fashion pieces out of their fur? It’s warmer, it lasts a long time, and it’s not doing any additional harm to animals. That’s exactly what Peace Fur is doing by creating luxury hats, mittens, and muffs using fur from animals that died accidentally in New England.


Want: enVie

Luxury pieces made from recycled and vintage fur

enVie takes “oldtimer fur” (aka vintage) and turns it into something that is not only modern and luxurious, but is also eco-friendly and less toxic than faux furs, which are mostly made from petroleum. They also work carefully with hunters and trappers, but never source their fur from breeding animal farms. You can also send enVie your own old vintage fur to be recycled into something new!


Love: Triarchy

One of the most sustainable denim brands out there (for men and women!)

Apparently, it takes about 2,900 gallons of water to make one pair of traditional cotton jeans. That is a LOT of water. Triarchy was not okay with this, so they searched for the greenest manufacturers out there, and ended up in Mexico City at a factory that uses 85% recycled water. Not only that, but they use sustainable fabrics like vintage denim and Tencel. All of their hardware — like buttons and zippers — are made out of completely recycled sheet metal in a factory that uses a closed-loop water system (which reduces consumption by 80%). The outer labels are made out of recycled leather scraps and the care labels are made from recycled water bottles!


Love: Sarah’s Bag

Gorgeous Lebanese fashion brand creating one-of-a-kind luxury handbags

Sarah Beydoun’s bags are colorful and vibrant with a serious attention to detail. Combining modern luxury design with traditional craftsmanship, these bags are made by a team of over 200 women, many of whom are ex-prisoners and underprivileged women in Lebanon (and some of them have used their income to overturn wrongful convictions!). A lot of the bags contain messages of female empowerment. You go, girl.



Need: Future Glory Co.

Socially conscious and minimalistic handmade leather bags

Future Glory Co. bags are made by hand in San Francisco by a women-only team of designers, makers, and entrepreneurs. They are made out of high-quality leather and they give back to organizations that help women in the Bay Area who have been victims of trafficking and abuse.


Need: Dear Frances

A slow and sustainable luxury footwear brand

Dear Frances shoes are made to last out of high-quality Italian leather and consciously-sourced European textiles. Each pair is handmade in Italy using age-old techniques by highly skilled shoemakers. Their boots, heels, loafers, and sandals are must-haves for any capsule wardrobe.


Love: Ankura

Ethical, eco-friendly casual and workwear for women

Ankura is a transparent fashion brand based in Peru that uses eco-friendly fabrics like Alpaca and organic Peruvian cotton. All of their local artisans in Peru are paid and treated fairly and the team at Ankura is committed to transparency. 

Need: Laboratorio 58

Luxury, chemical-free unisex shoes

These minimal yet elegant shoes are made out of natural materials like organic cotton, chemical-free leather, natural rubber, and metal-free eyelets. Most leather is treated with tons of chemicals, which is not good at all considering our feet have the ability to absorb a great deal of what’s used to make our shoes. Laboratorio doesn’t use any chemicals in their leather treatment, which also means the lining is completely biodegradable and is able to actually absorb moisture released by your feet! Their unisex MEZZOGIORNO Collection is made in Italy, shipped in 100% recyclable packaging, and available in black and white.

Love: October Jaipur

Culturally-inspired travel accessories

October Jaipur products are rooted in “rugged individualism” and inspired by the cultural aesthetics of the desert land. Their footwear, bags, and accessories are handmade by artisans using genuine leather and hand-woven fabrics.

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