HM-Conscious-collectionWhen I first heard about H&M’s Conscious Collection, I imagined it would be white cotton shirts and dresses. Simple stuff, and five designs at most.

Boy, was I wrong. When I stepped into their store Tuesday night, front and center in the entrance was a huge display of sustainable clothing, from a $10 organic crocheted vest to a $25 pair of Tencel pants, to a $50 recycled nylon jacket. I dug eagerly into the racks, pulling scallop-edged shorts and a long cotton skirt out to examine. H&M has deftly side stepped the issue of dye by sticking to creams and whites, but since white is the color for spring, I don’t mind that much. (I am curious what they will do come fall.)

Just a note of warning: I found that H&M had mixed non-sustainable pieces that happened to be white into the collection, so I made sure that anything I pulled had the identifying green tag.

Satisfied with my haul, I made my way to the back to find the dressing rooms, and ran smack into the second half of the collection. Delighted, I continued to search through the shoes, dresses, shorts, tanks, jackets–both basic and trendy items. I snagged a few more pieces and went to stand in line at the dressing rooms.

I noticed that the next two girls who got in line behind me both had items with the green tags as well. And one cropped sweatshirt tee, a sales associate told me, is already sold out. So I know I’m not the only one enamored of H&M’s collection.

After I wriggled in and out of everything, I came away with the long skirt ($19.95), classic white shorts ($24.95), a white ribbed tank ($7.95), and a fabulous, strapless cream dress with a fitted bodice and embroidery on the hem ($49.95).

Do you understand the momentousness of this? Organic t-shirts are usually $50-$75, or more! But I just found an wonderful organic dress for $50. Seriously. Beat that.

Sustainable fashion has been officially democratized. H&M, you are my new best friend.