Let’s see how many sustainable things I love that can be crammed into one event:

  • Free yoga
  • Vegan and gluten-free food
  • A lecture on Bikenomics by international touring bike advocate and feminist Elly Blue
  • Bicycle activism documentaries as curated by Joe Biel
  • Spirited discussion and debate with like-minded sustainable people

Dinner and Bikes 6.3.14 copy

This event is tomorrow, and tickets only cost $15, so grab them this very minute! 

Joshua Ploeg will delight with an all-you-can-eat vegan and gluten-free buffet dinner, Elly Blue will present about Bikenomics and the economic case for bicycling, and Joe Biel will show either a program of short films or his new feature-length documentary, Aftermass, about the history of bicycle activism in Portland. The event is followed with a book signing and time for questions, discussion of local issues, and perusing the traveling bookstore.

Come before dinner for a free yoga class specifcally designed for cyclists, taught by Lisa Markuson.