Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

7 Online Stores Where You Can Get Mom the Perfect Eco-Friendly Gift

When I was little and lazy and not very sensitive (as kids are), I used to get my mom one gift for her birthday and Mother’s Day together. (Her birthday is two weeks before Mother’s Day. Not even that close.)

I don’t do that anymore, because I’m a grownup and I like to do nice things for people that show I care. But I still sneak my personal preferences for sustainable and ethical living into my gifts for her. And you should, too!

Only you know your mother, so I won’t even pretend to tell you what you should get her. But I can point out some excellent online shops where you can find the perfect, thoughtful gift just for her, that also contains some good karma.

Melissa Joy Manning

A maker of sustainable, classic jewelry your mother will treasure.

Mother's Day Gift: Melissa Joy Manning hug earrings Mother's Day Gift: Melissa Joy Manning earrings // sustainable

Canvas Home

This shop specializes in quietly gorgeous items sourced globally from artisans.

Mother's Day gift: artisan-made bud vase Mother's Day gift: Fair Trade soapstone bowl

Kaufmann Mercantile

This retailer specializes in everyday objects made by traditional manufacturers the right way. Get your mom that thing she uses a lot, but in the fancy, last-forever version.

Mother's Day Gift: tea set
Mother's Day summer gift set Mother's Day Gift: brass hanging planter
Mother's Day bath gift set
Mother's Day Gift: Brass planter Mother's Day Gift:
Mother's Day gift: brass desk trays
Mother's Day Gift: basket for gathering clipped flowers


Brika sells contemporary, heirloom quality, handmade items from U.S. artists.

Mother's Day gift idea: honeycomb as sweet as she is! Mother's Day gift set of organic products
Mother's Day gift idea: sweet n' spicy tea box Mother's Day gift idea: garden tools handmade in the U.S.

Uncommon Goods

Full of quirky items, this store doesn’t put on pretensions. Double check to make sure the item you’re buying is sustainable. Many are, but not as a rule.

Mother's Day gift: wall planter Motherhood necklace
Mother's Day gift: personalized pillow
Mother's Day Gift: regional towels


The emphasis is on good design by fairly paid artisans in this shop full of global goods.

Mother's Day: Tassel Necklace made by artisans in Ecuador Mother's Day gift: Scarf handmade by artisans in Ethiopia
Mother's Day Gift: travel clutch handcrafted in Ghana Mother's Day Gift: artisan-made mug Mother's Day gift: pearl cuff handmade by artisans in Turkey


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