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This Non-Profit is Making Affordable 3D Printed Limb Prosthetics Out of Recycled Ocean Plastic

When we found out about Million Waves Project, we had to let our readers know about it. This non-profit organization is solving two serious problems with one innovative solution: they’re making affordable prosthetic limbs out of recycled ocean plastic.

The Serious Need for Affordable Prosthetics

As you can imagine, prosthetics are incredibly expensive. In America, it can cost $5,000 to $50,000 to fit, build, and deliver just one prosthetic limb, leaving Americans with average incomes struggling or unable to get a prosthetic at all. In developing countries, there is currently a shortage of 40,000 trained prosthetists, so not only is getting a prosthetic expensive, but most people don’t even have access to someone who can help even if they could afford it. To make it worse, since the majority of work available to people in developing countries involves physical labor, if they can’t walk or grasp, they can’t work. But 3D printing is changing the game, and Million Waves Project is taking full advantage.

Believe it or not, the organization can make prosthetic limbs for under $100. So not only do families in America have access to an affordable option, but people around the world are able to send in their measurements and get a lightweight limb shipped to them, without the help of a prosthetist. They’re currently working on figuring out how to create 3D printed recycled wheelchairs too!

Check out this short news clip to learn more about Million Waves and the impact they’re making on one 9 year old girl’s life:


Gift the Gift of a Prosthetic for the Holidays

There are several different ways you can get involved with Million Waves Project:

And if you’re still trying to think of some creative gift ideas and know someone who would resonate with Million Waves’ work, you can buy a recycled prosthetic limb for a child in need for literally just $45.


This article is part of EcoCult’s efforts to highlight amazing environmental nonprofits pro bono. If you have an environmentally focused registered charity, you can submit your information for consideration to [email protected].

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