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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

This New Kickstarter Campaign Will Turn Your Old Clothes Into New, Custom-Designed Pieces


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As much as we love buying new clothes from sustainable brands who are prioritizing things like eco-friendly fabrics, earth-conscious processes, and transparent supply chains, it’s a truth that recycling, reusing, and reducing is the most sustainable option when it comes to fashion.

But even if you have a local low-cost tailor in your neighborhood that you love, there are limitations on what they can achieve: a shortened hem here, a fixed zipper there. What if your blouse is just a little out of date, but you’re not sure exactly how to make it fresh again? Or your dress fits weird and needs more than just taking in? Or what if you have a hole in an awkward place in your jeans and you’re coveting something a little more stylish than an iron-on patch?

We want our wardrobe to be an expression of our individuality. We want to use our creativity with our outfit choices, and take advantage of innovation that so far seems to have left the tailoring process behind.

Enter: Ripso

Ripso Connects You With Local Designers to Give Your Old Clothing a Fresh Look

Ripso is an up and coming app that helps you partner with clothing designers in the US (and maybe even local to you!) who will take your old, possibly damaged clothing, redesign it, and alter it to give it a more fresh and modern look that’s more suitable to you and your current style. Here’s how it works:

  1. You browse the app for embroidery, prints, patches, or even tailoring and repairs, and purchase an enhancement that you’d like for your own clothes.
  2. You receive a pre-labeled package from Ripso, place your clothes inside and ship to your Ripso Designer.
  3. Your Designer works their magic and returns your updated item back to you. Voila!

You gain the peace of mind of having an incredible amount of transparency in how your clothes were made — ensuring ethical pay, a low carbon footprint, etc. — but you also have personal access to someone who can ensure that your clothing actually fits your body and is designed in a way that you love, so you’ll feel comfortable and confident wearing for a long time.

The Best Part: It’s Easy!

There is something else we’ve learned about ethical fashion: in order for conscious fashion to really take hold for the average person, it has to be high-quality and it has to be convenient. When the Ripso team conducted their pre-campaign market research, “Clothing buyers reacted enthusiastically to the idea of re-imagining existing clothing, but they said they needed to have an easy way to do it.”

Contributors to Ripso’s Kickstarter campaign get early access to the beta app, access to Ripso feedback sessions and events, and credit above and beyond what they contributed that they can use toward getting their fashion reworked.

Most of the brand’s Kickstarter funds will be going toward developing the app, and they want to make sure they are doing it in a way that consumers will truly use and appreciate. The team is intently listening to both consumers and designers to find out what would be the simplest and most enjoyable way to connect and communicate with one another as well as shop different designs and ideas.

Denim and beyond!

Ripso’s initial launch will be focused on redesigning denim, which is amazing considering denim is not only one of the most harmful fabrics to the planet and the makers, but is also one of the most commonly worn types of clothing. However, as Joe Powers, Ripso’s Creator, told me, “If a user and their Designer agree to do something different they are free and encouraged to do so! Over time we will expand the app to include a more diverse array of designs, designers, and clothing.”

If you want to get involved with Ripso, you can support their Kickstarter campaign until May 24th!

Are You A Clothing Designer?

If you’re a designer interested in being featured on Ripso, you can fill out their simple application here to get started!

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