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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

This Huge Consciously Curated Online Marketplace Makes Shopping Ethically So Easy

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of eco and ethical marketplaces and ecommerce sites pop up, and then quietly fade away. No wonder! Most launch with an extremely edited selection of products. Like, five brands. That is not enough.

But it makes me sad to see these companies strike out because I think having an eco, ethical marketplace would be an amazing way for busy people or individuals who are just getting into the sustainable scene to find brands and products without spending all the time that I do researching.

When someone says to me: “I’m overwhelmed! Where do I even start to shop ethically?!” I would love to be able to send them to a one-stop-shop that makes it really easy for them to find consciously-made products that range from apparel to household goods to beauty and skincare, and beyond. One with a genuine curation of well-designed, actually sustainable goods.

Well, it looks like my wish is granted. I’m excited to introduce you to Wonderful Things, the new online marketplace that’s filled with amazing eco, ethical, and American made products and is super easy to use.

Beautifully and Thoughtfully Curated

Before creating the site, Wonderful Things Co-Founder Rachael McKee spent years consulting for ethical and sustainable brands, which means she already knew about many brands who are doing things transparently, and she also knows what to look for in new ethical brands. She spent months using her knowledge to research and source goods that qualify as either ethical, sustainable, or American made. Then, she curates the products that are the most modern, clean, and on-trend from the brands’ collections.

Rachael has also consciously curated the items based on an accessible price range, so you will find items on Wonderful Things that are very affordable, but you can also find luxury items if you’re in the mood to splurge.

How It Works

Why try to compete with Amazon when you can actually work with them, using their size and resources to move the needle toward a more ethical and sustainable future? This is exactly what the team at Wonderful Things has done, and the beauty is in how quick and easy they have made the process for the consumer.

The Wonderful Things site works seamlessly with Amazon so that when you’re finished shopping on WT, your Amazon cart fills up and you just check out! Co-Founder Daniel Haarburger has a background in engineering, computer programming, and product development, so he actually built a system from scratch that integrates the Wonderful Things site with your own Amazon account in a quick, easy, and seamless way.

You can also shop according to your preference, so whether you prefer to buy eco-friendly, ethical, or American Made beauty and wellness products, womens’ or mens’ apparel or accessories, home goods, kitchen gadgets, tech gear, gifts, or whatever else you need — it’s available and easy to find what you’re looking for!

Using Amazon Takes Eco & Ethical Shopping from Niche to Norm

“We knew when creating Wonderful Things that a lot of eco buyers might have resistance about sourcing from Amazon, but for all the people that don’t have the access, education, or financial means — those are the people we really wanted to reach in order to make eco and ethical shopping available,” Rachael explains. “Our hope is that sourcing from Amazon really normalizes the movement.”

Additionally, “Amazon is a massive corporation and therefore will never be perfect, but they are one of the largest corporations to support EPA initiatives and the largest corporate purchaser of wind power,” Rachael says. “They support a TON of very small brands and give those brands instant access to millions of customers.”

Rachael says she has also learned the important lesson of not sacrificing good for perfect. “People feel a lot of pressure to do things like this perfectly already,” she says, referencing the perfectionist, ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset that tends to pervade the eco/ethical/conscious world. Rachael and her team want to create a resource that will make it easier to get more ethical and sustainable products into the hands of consumers, which will create a healthier and happier world. You can read more here about the reasons why Wonderful Things ships via Amazon.

Alden’s Favorite Wonderful Things

We are very excited to partner with Wonderful Things as a Guest Curator! You can see some of Alden’s favorite products available for purchase here — from recycled sunglasses to nontoxic makeup picks, to a bamboo turntable. Will your next favorite purchase be from Wonderful Things?!

Header image photo credit: From Molly With Love

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