Kayu Clutch

Kayu Purses

Whenever I need a classy clutch, this is my go-to. It’s eco-friendly, and purchasing one means a donation is made towards buying backpacks and school supplies for children in Cambodia. It comes with a chain too, in case you’re tired of carrying it/don’t trust your drunk self not to leave it on the open bar when your friends drag you outside to the next bar.

The Sway purse

The Sway Purses

This NYC-based company makes my other go-to purse when I want something more casual and edgy. It’s made from reclaimed leather, and the cross-body strap means you can dance crazily. It’s roomy enough for a wallet, phone, keys and even a pair of fold up flats.



I put every cute thing I find on Pinterest. And when I say cute, I mean it. I don’t put up anything that is eco-friendly but ugly (of which there is a lot).

I can’t blog about everything, so if you’re in the market for a new dress or a DIY project, you can find what you need by following my pins. I put a special emphasis on NYC-based companies.


tarte Eye Makeup

I had given up on finding effective non-toxic eyeliner and resigned myself to Cover Girl … until I found Tarte’s little pot and brush for the best cat eyes ever. Combined with this tutorial, I’m looking pretty fierce. And then I discovered the Amazonian clay mascara, and was roundly hooked. While it’s not as clean as some other makeups, it’s better than what you’ll find at the drugstore. You can find it at Sephora and Henri Bendel.


Almond Butter

For breakfast, on slices of empire apples from the farmers-market, with a drizzle of Brooklyn-rooftop honey.