I often discover wonderful green things that I love and love to share. Here’s what I’m obsessed with this month:

01-196x300reco Skinny Jeans

I bought these babies for sale, but I would pay full price!

Not only do reco jeans fit like a designer dream, the fabric is recycled in an exclusive process that’s so innovative, universities have been studying it. The zippers, buttons and rivets are non-toxic, the packaging is made from recycled materials and the tags are printed on either recycled paper or plantable seeded paper–no leather.

I would fully support your switching to exclusively wearing these jeans. Go on, do it. Your sexy butt and the environment will thank you.

You can try them on in person at Kaight on the LES.

d766f7ac7cea11e1a87612313804ec91_7-300x300Farmers Market Tulips

You’ve probably scene the masses of beautiful tulips gathered at bodegas. Well, pass them by and continue on to the farmer’s market to grab a bunch from a local farm. I bought a bouquet on Monday, and as of Wednesday night they looked just as fresh and beautiful! I’m so obsessed I bought a bunch for my apartment as well as my office.

Happiness is tulips on your table.

Hot tip: Get flowers that are closed tight and put them in ice water for maximum bloom time.

Screen-shot-2012-04-04-at-7.57.59-PMTOMS Wedges

I love TOMS. It isn’t a walk to the yoga studio or a weekend stroll around the flea market without them.

But now I have a pair that won’t embarrass me at work: the wedges. They’re massively comfortable, fairly affordable and–you probably already know this–TOMS donates a pair to someone in a developing country for every pair you buy.

It’s a win-win.

Hot tip: Get them a half size up from your normal size.

Buy them here, or these NYC retailers.