Certain discoveries make green life worth living. Here’s what I’m loving right now, and want to share with every single person in my life:

Eco-friendly bluetooth speakerVers 2Q Bluetooth Soundsystem

A couple months back I invested in a Jambox bluetooth speaker, because I care about my music. But the thing frequently wouldn’t connect to my laptop, and then it just stopped turning on all together. If I had done my research, I would have seen that the internet is replete with outraged, negative reviews from people whose $300 Jambox also stopped working. I sent mine in for a repair, and then as soon as I got it back, sold it on eBay and used the funds to buy this eco-friendly speaker from ethical online design store GivenGoods. For $100 less than the Jambox! (Full disclosure: I also got a discount from GivenGoods.)

Press a button on the back, and the Vers 2Q speaker always connects right away with a little tweet. The sound is excellent, and cranke-able. It automatically turns off when not in use. When the batteries are low, it notifies you with a pleasant gong noise. And its little size means I can carry it around the apartment, perching it on any surface, and even tote it with me to the park. In fact, I’m listening to it on my rooftop right now as I write this. Finally, it looks classy, and the wood actually helps the acoustics better than a typical plastic shell.

It arrived in eco-friendly packaging of paper and cardboard, the cord self-tied instead of with a twist tie. Vers never uses threatened, endangered or tropical woods. For every tree they use in production, they plant 100 more through their partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

$199 at GivenGoods

Wild Ophelia ChocolateWild Ophelia Chocolate

There are plenty of ethical chocolate bars out there, but this brand, the latest creation from Vosges founder Katrina Markoff, wins for its interesting flavors like Beef Jerky and Peanut Butter & Banana. Ingredients are sourced from small American farmers and are often organic. For example, Southern Hibiscus Peach Bar has peaches from Bella Viva Orchards in California, and Sweet Cherry Pecans has pecans from Del Valle Pecans in New Mexico. On the back of each chocolate bar, you’ll find the story and origin of each ingredient. All Wild Ophelia products are made with 100% renewable energy and packaged in 100% recycled (and attractive) board.

I shared the samples they sent me with my friends, and we all agreed that the flavors are subtle and delicious. The Chili has a gentle bite, the Beef Jerky sort of sneaks up on you with a salty, savory note, and the peanut butter and banana is delicious, without being too rich.

You can find Wild Ophelia at Whole Foods.

Non-toxic mascara that worksJuice Beauty Mascara

Oh, the problem of toxin-free mascara. It’s a lament among green beauty bloggers that there just isn’t anything out there with sufficient glamour and without toxins. I had settled on Tarte as the “least bad” choice. But Juice Beauty just came out with a new mascara after more than a year of development and sent me a sample to try.

Hallelujah! It works! It coats nicely, and leaves my eyelashes black and long, without clumps or flaking all day. You have to make sure to apply, let dry, and apply again for sufficient drama. But I’m happy to report that this is my new, go-to mascara.

$19 online at Birch Box