about_OutdoorYoga2Lately I’ve been speculatively wondering, as hopeful New Yorkers are wont to do: If I were to buy a place, where would I buy it?

West Village? Way too expensive, even for my fantasy life. Union Square? Too many crazy homeless people, though the Greenmarket is right there. Park Slope? Too many babies. Greenpoint? Ugh, the G train, save me.

But Bushwick? Don’t look horrified yet. The thing is, Bushwick is on its way. The artists are there, and if the history of SoHo is any indication, Burberry is only forty years behind. The parties are also there, and apparently, now, a sustainable fitness studio?

Green Fitness Studio, at 323 Varet Street, is the kind of gym where I would love to spend my time watching sustainable guys flex their muscles. It’s got bamboo floors; recycled rubber flooring in the workout area; remanufactured and self-powered gym equipment (a.k.a. no plugs/electricity required); CFL bulbs; heat-mirrored glass for better energy use; towels laundered with eco-friendly detergent; a local, organic, sustainable juice bar; and a living roof and infrared sauna in the works, according to its website. And it’s been there since at least 2010! How is that possible? I probably haven’t heard about it because it’s in Bushwick. 

Loving this track right now. It evokes a sort of dancing-on-a-rooftop-club luxury. Don’t mind the big busty girl–I have no control over her.

So when I saw a mention in New York Mag’s Approval Matrix (oh, you wily, un-clickable, old-school matrix) saying a green fitness studio in Bushwick wants a liquor license, I was like, “Hey, these people sound cool.” So I did some Googling, and saw this:

… the venue has already begun renting it roof to promoters, such as Black Market NYC, that possess their own liquor permit. 

I looked a little closer and realized, hey, I think I’ve been there! For a party anyway.

Somebody, please check this place out for the actual healthful living part, and tell me how it is. I might soon buy up one of those bombed-out townhomes in Bushwick and make it my own if this trend of Bushwick awesomeness continues.

Hahahahah. No seriously, maybe.

P.S. I brought my good friend C out to Bushwick for a party to celebrate her last Saturday night in NYC, and all she and her friend could talk about was the “Crackcident” episode of “Girls”, and even though one of them wanted to bum a smoke from a guy in front of us, she refused to out of fear that it was actually crack. “There is no crack here,” I told her. To which she replied. “That was based on a TRUE STORY!” This made me realize that my poor mother, who watches “Girls”, probably thinks I might accidentally smoke crack. I would like to point out that there is no crack at these Bushwick parties, OK? Very interesting characters who will back you into a corner talking about who-knows-what? Yes. Weed? Of course. Hipsters? Duh. But crack? No. At least, I really hope not …