I often link to Joinery in my my posts, because I know they carry beautiful, timeless, sustainable fashion. One day I was coveting a coat, and looked up their brick and mortar store to see about trying on the coat in person. That’s when I realized their store is about five blocks from my apartment. So I wandered over one day at lunch to check it out in person.


The website just doesn’t do it justice. When I opened the door, I was enveloped in a curiously comforting scent: like a farmhouse, but in a good way: leather, dried flowers, pine wood. It’s a small, simple store with muted colors and rich textures, and dressing rooms framed up from fresh cut pine, with large metal tacks nailed into the wall as clothing hooks. In the back behind the counter, an old Pioneer record player hooked up to mid-century speakers played oldies. It reminds me of the penthouse suite of the Greenwich Hotel.

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On a table in the center are useful home things done beautifully: hand-spun dish towels in a simple check pattern, hand-thrown mugs, wooden salt and pepper shakers, a plastic-free brush and dustpan set worthy of display, geometric brass knobs, leather wallets and knit beanies. Everything inspires a deep yet virtuous want. It’s like the Kinfolk Table in objects.

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Racks arranged on the wall hold deceptively simple designer clothing, like Suzanne Rae, with descriptions of who they are and what they are about. I found a sweater, and Sophia, a buyer who was hanging out behind the counter, told me about all about it. The designer, Josie Faye, raises sheep, shears them, spins the wool, and weaves it into a sweater. “I blush every time I talk about her,” Sophia said.

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The other team members are Ade, another buyer, and Angela, who founded the store in 2011. Ade tells me that they are in a, “transitional” phase while he and Sophia take a different direction on buying, and seems embarrassed about the lack of cohesiveness in the store–something that I didn’t notice at all.

I know I will be visiting Joinery again and again every time I need something well-made for my home or closet.

Joinery is located at 263 South 1 Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, near the L train Bedford and Lorimer stops.