As a New York sports-goer, you’ve probably been continually exasperated by the waste you see at sporting events. Yankee games leave behind masses of crushed cups and greasy fry baskets. Everything is served in disposable and/or plastic containers. The food consists of processed junk, including Perdue chicken nuggets which–when I made the mistake of deciding to just go ahead and eat some–gave me food poisoning. And of course there’s the kind of energy required to light and power a stadium of that size. It feels like a betrayal just attending a sports match. Should I give up and skip all sports events together?

Not so fast. Tennis seems to have bucked this trend. I was treated to a behind-the-scenes look at what the US Open is doing to green the tournament this Thursday, and after touring the facilities, meeting some of the people making this possible, and even watching a little bit of excellent tennis from Nadal, I’m happy to report that you can attend today’s–or next year’s–matches with a mind free of green cares. Allow me to present to you the green Dos and Dont’s of your trip to the US Open in Flushing, Queens, New York:

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