Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

The Tracks Collection by Rebecca Mir Grady Is Perfect for Stacks on Your Fingers

Rebecca Mir Grady rings

Rebecca Mir Grady necklace

Chicago-based sustainable jewelry designer Rebecca Mir Grady just debuted “TRACKS” last week, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection from her eponymous jewelry label, and I love its simplicity.

Rebecca Mir Grady was inspired to create this collection after re-reading Tracks, Robyn Davidson’s account of her trip across the desert of Western Australia in 1977, which is also memorialized in photographer Rick Smolan’s book From Alice to Ocean and a recent film of the same name starring Mia Wasikowska.

Rebecca Mir Grady rings

Grady began sketching the collection while on a journey of her own to a small, remote island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, near the Canadian border. Noticing the similarities in isolation and incredible natural beauty, the two places became entwined in Grady’s sketchbook: rock formations, sand for miles, and arrows to find the way. They became the collection “TRACKS”. Sandstone was transformed into the “AYERS” ring collection: wide craggy carved faces in Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold, with carved monolith earrings to match.

The desert of Western Australia and the islands of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan couldn’t be further apart from each other, but the long arrow necklaces and gold cuff rings in this collection will wear well in either landscape. A supporter of environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices, Grady makes all jewelry by hand from 100% reclaimed precious metals whenever possible. The fifty-piece collection features designs in recycled sterling silver and 14k gold.

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