• Two upscale sustainable labels–Tata Harper and Maiyet–collaborated on a partnership for Earth Month. 100% of the proceeds from their Better Beauty Project Campaign will go to Nest, a sustainable development nonprofit, with their Edible Garden Initiave in Varanasi, India.
  • Amber Valetta is really over fast fashion. She’s become a huge advocate for slow fashion. Just watch this video (which features a favorite of mine, Svilu.)


  • Birchbox has a new section dedicated to just non-toxic products. They also have a limited-edition box stocked with “Ingredient Conscious” picks. So, Birch, when will you make that option a permanent one?
  • Everyone is talking about this Guardian feature on Bangladesh factories.
  • We are fucked.
  • The New York Time seems so confused about why millennials wouldn’t want to live in the suburbs. Hint: It’s because they are wastelands of parkways and homogeneity dotted with Ruby Tuesdays and dead malls.
  • The sustainable e-tailer Helpsy is expanding into PR work.
  • People are calling this a “landmark decision“: The Supreme Court says that it’s not cool for one state to pollute its neighbor.
  • “We are living, he says, through the ‘age of ecocide,’ and like a long-dazed widower, we are finally becoming sensible to the magnitude of our loss, which it is our duty to face.”

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  • I think pretty much every Vogue in the world except for Vogue US covered Fashion Revolution Day. Like Vogue Australia, which interviewed Livia Firth.