The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The Need to Know List: Van Leeuwen’s Got a New Ice Cream Shop

Someday I’ll have an intern. For now, I just like to gather up all the good, sustainable-ish news and throw it in front of you to pick through and read at your own pleasure. xo







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  • The Masters of the Universe over at Goldman Sachs have figured out that millennials aren’t into processed foods and soda anymore. Cue selloff of Coca-Cola.
  • I like John Oliver’s new show already! He did a great segment on why climate change “debates” on cable news are so stupid. Watch! 
  • Speaking of climate change, I spent a half hour researching whether my new apartment will be underwater soon (it’s surprisingly hard to find good sea elevation data on Brooklyn!) because of this report by scientists on the rapidly melting Antarctic ice sheet. I’m pretty sure that my apartment will be OK until I die, which is sort of comforting, I guess.


  • Somebody called me a fascist in my article about how incredibly annoying smoking is. Well, I don’t feel chastened, because cigarette butts are a huge litter problem. Here are some ideas for dealing with them.

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