The Note Passer has a review of the book Stitched Up by Tansy E. Hoskins. “She never encourages ‘conscious consumerism’; instead she emboldens readers to examine fashion within the context of capitalism.” 


So into Everlane. Spades + siLK sums it up nicely. And here’s a tour of their office.


And charitable sunglasses to shield your eyes while you’re lounging in the sun.


The founder of Reformation, the coolest eco fashion brand on the planet, gets interviewed. (Finally! She was such a mystery!)

Fashionistas, sustainable advocates and jean CEOs all agree: stop washing your jeans.


The new upscale food court Hudson Eats that opened this week in FiDi (that’s Financial District for those of you not in the know) has notable healthy and local restaurant Dig Inn.


A quick economic lesson on why artisinal foods are so expensive. Silence the harumphers!


Check out these 12 restaurants that are anti fast food, but really not anti making money.


Put these new farm-to-table restaurants on your to-visit list. They take it to another level.

Central America’s coffee crop is being wiped out by disease. You know what you can do to help? Buy organic. No, really.



The new Beauty and Well Being blog has a list of effective natural summer remedies (lavender oil for motion sickness, for example).

Jealous alert! Lauren from Trash Is for Tossers scored an interview with #ladyboss Rose-Marie Swift of RMS beauty.


After reading No More Dirty Looks’ account of the most effective homemade tincture for acne ever, I ordered ingredients to make it myself. Bye bye bacne! (Err, not that I have any.)


Here are the top ten non-toxic makeup artists you should know around the scene.


Shopping locally extends to your beauty products, like these 15 products right from NYC.


I can’t wait to convince my board to put this apartment building-sized wind turbine on our roof.


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I don’t think I’ll get around to doing a Father’s Day gift guide. But Elizabeth’s at The Note Passer will do nicely.

Adrian Grenier is such a sustainable hottie.

There’s a new horror film based around do-gooder environmentalists trying to save the rainforest and getting captured by Amazonian cannibal tribesman. Bonus: Sky Ferreira is in it.



I feel lately like the bad news out of … well, everywhere is accelerating. The latest “We’re all going to die” news is strangely tied to the cutest little birds: puffins.

Can you put a price tag on nature’s own defenses?

Has Obama saved the earth with his new emissions regulations, or doomed it?


How an architect plans to tackle the threat of rising seawater to Red Hook.