Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

The Need to Know List: Make Sure You Use the Right Kind of Honey on Your Skin


There’s a huge natural gas pipeline going in under the beach in the Rockaways. It was snuck in right after Sandy when nobody was paying attention because they had lost their homes. Nice, politicians. Really nice.

More reason to get protected bike lanes all over NYC: as cyclists we suck down less pollution.


Everlane has a pop-up shop, so you can try on its items in person before you buy!


amour vert - hayes - opening img_5472_web

Young & Able, the online store that supports small designers, has an open call for designers and brands for its holiday pop-up.

Amour Vert has opened its first brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco. It features a living wall, locally sourced decor, and more sustainable touches. It’s at 437 Hayes Street.

Some fast fashion brands are more ethical than others. See how your faves stack up.


How cute does Emma from Past Fashion Future look? Find out the brands she’s wearing.


The Note Passer has an immensely helpful post on the top 3 clothing resale websites.

Also, this review of Twice and Thred Up from Let’s Be Fair.


Nettie Kent Jewelry: so sustainable, so cute.


Here’s a day in the life of an urban forager in NYC.

Scientists invented a pill which could test water for pesticide contamination.



Juliette from Spades + siLK is really into Tata Harper. And I can see why

How honey can help you with acne and aging, plus help the environment! Just make sure you get the right kind …

This graphic explaining what terms and seals mead on beauty and food products is a must-read.

Rub it all over: The Distillerist has 10 safe sunscreens for every budget.



For too long my dance music self and my sustainable and healthy self have been at odds with each other. But this week I did a challenging yoga class to deep house music at the club Verboten. The music was excellent, the asanas were top quality, and the “studio” was a huge dance floor. They even provide you with Lululemon mats. The drawbacks were that there were no blocks or showers available (it’s a club). And I did find a tiny piece of broken glass, which wasn’t sharp enough to cut me, but was still alarming. Well + Good details the rest of the healthy club scene.

Do Something Good Today

For less than $5, you can pay a lobbyist to annoy a politician on an issue that you care about.

I donated to the campaign to support this giant system for cleaning plastic out of the ocean.


Obama is going all in on designated a huge marine sanctuary in the Pacific Ocean.

We’re on the verge of the sixth great extinction.

Climate change could flood your ‘hood with toxic waste and sewage.

All those dying starfish in the Pacific Ocean? It’s linked to the warming of oceans.


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