I’ve rounded up all the news across the internet that–as a conscious consumer and informed citizen–you’ll want and need to know. Drink it up:




  • Continuing its march toward eco-friendly world domination, Amour Vert is now available at these Bloomingdales: San Francisco, Santa Monica, Boca Raton, FL, and Willow Grove, PA. They’re having trunk sales to celebrate this Thursday and Saturday, so go check it out! 

Elsa and Me

  • Sustainable luxury apparel line ELSA AND ME has decided to move production overseas. “While we enjoyed producing clothing locally, we could not always ensure the quality of our clothing, both in terms of fit and consistency in sizing, as well as overall finishes. We met with Panâh, a fashion production house based in Nairobi, Kenya, who specializes in luxury apparel. In addition to the already-shown increase in quality of ELSA AND ME product samples sent to Panâh for production, we also fell in love with the fact that Panâh operates on a highly ethical ground. The company offers capacity-building programs in production of luxury-quality apparel and accessories, provides ethical employment opportunities, and a healthy and enjoyable environment to work in. We are happy to announce that the majority of ELSA AND ME’s dresses will now be produced in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. Some alteration features and quicker turnarounds may still be made in New York, but we are otherwise looking to fully transition.”






  • My favorite perfume brand, Lurk, has opened a store in the Hamptons!


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  • This article details the incredible work Kris and Doug Tompkins of Patagonia are doing to build huge public parks in Patagonia. But it also talks about the downside of conservation: the loss of traditional ranching jobs.
  • Minnesota banned triclosan, the ingredient in anti-bacterial soaps that is savaging the environment and human health.