Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

The Complete Sustainable, Ethical Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List!

This gift guide contains some affiliate links, so if you make a purchase EcoCult gets a small percentage of the sale price. As always, EcoCult only recommends brands that we love.  

All of us in the world of conscious fashion know the importance of essentialism. We try not to purchase things we don’t need or won’t actually get good use out of. The severe consumerism of the holiday season can be overwhelming and stressful. After all, this season is supposed to be about getting together with friends and family – some of whom we may never see but once a year – and enjoying the things in life we’re grateful for, right?

But… let’s not throw the generous baby out with the materialistic bathwater. Truly thoughtful gift-giving can be a really fun experience. It’s an excuse to give someone a token of your love. It’s an opportunity to be creative and put a smile on someone’s face. And finally, to think deeply about who they are and what they would enjoy. 

I do love this article from Quartzy which outlines the five gift-giving philosophies that can help you pick out the perfect gift for whomever you’re shopping for. You always have the option of donating to a cause your loved one is passionate about in his or her name, giving the gift of an experience, or creating something with your own two hands. 

Of course, some people just love opening up the wrapping around an object. My mom’s love language is gifts; I’m not going to take that away from her! So of course, I’ve got you covered with this list of places to get sustainable and ethical gifts.


Get all your shopping done in one place!


Housework is a retail project founded on the idea of a holistic household—a living space in which all aspects of all objects are given careful consideration, from how and by whom they were made to their functionality and end of life. Choose from their beautiful apparel and accessories, kitchen and dining collection, mindful cleaning and bathing tools, and housewarming goods—all curated to help you build the most mindful and intentional home. Everything is made entirely free of plastic and petroleum, and instead made from natural, non-toxic materials down to the details like dyes and stitching for clothing, the finishes of wood products, and the glazes and clays of ceramics and stoneware. Housework’s collections are designed to encourage engagement with your home, its upkeep, and the world beyond it. There will always be housework, but if we are able to find patience and even pleasure within it, we might better achieve peace within ourselves.


Amour Vert


The Sleep Shirt



Quality Basics


Nisolo makes shoes, accessories, and jewelry for men and women. Everything is intentionally designed to be versatile and long-lasting and ethically made in Peru, Mexico, and Kenya, where all of the artisans earn fair wages, healthcare, and a healthy working environment. They also partner with Ecosphere+ to offset carbon emissions and protect forests in the Amazon. This holiday season, you can also shop from their Ethical Marketplace, where you’ll find beautiful items from like-minded brands.




People Tree

Alternative Apparel



Eileen Fisher

Cozy Winter Fashion


The Knotty Ones

Askov Finlayson

Everybody & Everyone

The R Collective

Darn Good Yarn

Echoview Fiber Mill

Krochet Kids

Underwear & Lingerie

Azura Bay

Azura Bay is a boutique carrying a curated collection of cute, comfy, and conscious ethical + eco lingerie, PJs, and loungewear. Company founder Ashley is dedicated to bringing you pieces that will empower both the person wearing the item and those that made it, while being kind to the earth. Their latest collection features a more size-inclusive range of bralettes; from 30A – 40H. They now use home compostable mailers for shipping alongside made in the USA, 100% post-consumer recycled boxes, FSC Certified and sustainably dyed tissue paper, and recycled paper postcards. Finally, Azura Bay gives back with every purchase to 1/3 organizations that you choose at checkout: WWF, Nature Conservancy of Canada, and Because I am A Girl.


Arvin Goods



Article22 began working with the village of Naphia, Laos in 2009 to provide citizens with work making Peacebomb jewelry out of metal from old bomb shrapnel and scrap. Artisans earn at least five times the local hourly minimum wage, providing them with the disposable income for books, school, fuel, and medicine that their subsistence farming livelihoods cannot. Plus, your purchase contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely and expertly clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating the land in Laos.

KBH Jewels is an NYC-based luxury jewelry brand made using only environmentally and socially conscious diamonds. These unique diamonds are cultivated in greenhouses, not mined from the Earth, and are paired with reclaimed and recycled precious metals. The heart of their line offers elevated essentials and modern classics; the upscale uniform for the ethical and sustainable individual. KBH Jewels wants to help set a new luxury tradition for our generation and the standard for generations to come.

Opus Mind

Melissa Joy Manning


Enji Studio

Leismo Jewelry

Nina Berenato

Purpose Jewelry


Rover + Kin

Dear Survivor

Boma Jewelry

31 Bits


Starfish Project

The Tote Project

Jovana Djuric

Sand Cloud

Bags and Backpacks


GOT BAG’s flagship product is a 23-liter, roll-top, waterproof backpack made from 100% recycled plastic from the ocean. Since releasing their first backpack (a great fit for adventurers), they’ve now got a daypack, a laptop sleeve, a weekender, and a water bottle—all of which help to clean up our oceans.




Parker Clay



Sora Nomad





SOLIOS watches are built specifically so they last a really long time. With a timeless design, they’re strongly against planned obsolescence. Therefore, their watches are made from premium stainless steel, sapphire-coated glass, and highly durable straps. Their leather is vegan, but different than most other vegan leather in that it doesn’t contain toxic PU or PVC (or any other harmful substances like flame retardants that we often find in textile materials). Instead, it’s a silicon-based leather with an insert made of recycled (and recyclable) plastic microfibers. Plus, SOLIOS watches are completely solar-powered, which means no more replacing batteries!


The team at Nordgreen takes all of the steps possible to do things the Danish way. They work directly with Jakob Wagner, one of Scandinavia’s most heavily awarded designers, to ensure thoughtful, modern products. They work tirelessly to hold their materials, customer service, and the entire Nordgreen experience to the absolute finest standards. With each watch purchased, you can to choose which cause you would like to support. Access to clean water, a clean environment, and a full education should be a right for all, and it is important to the team at Nordgreen that their watches inspire a connection, not just between watch and owner, but amongst everyone.

Welly reusable water bottles

Pela smartphone cases

Clean Beauty & Stocking Stuffers




Ayla Beauty

Apoterra Skincare

Vahdam Teas

Good Clean Love

Shea Brand

Juniper and Yu






Home Gifts

Prosperity Candle

SOL Organics

SOL Organics cotton sheets are made from only 100% organic long-staple cotton, grown from non-GMO cottonseeds. They also carry European flax linen bedding, which is naturally moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. They are Fair Trade Certified and don’t use any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, formaldehyde, herbicides, endocrine disruptors, or phthalates. SOL seeks to provide “Fair Trade at a Fair Price,” so you can view their pricing model on their website. They also have a give back program to provide funding for clean water, animal safety, and anti-human trafficking efforts. Sheet options include percale, sateen, and American made—and they have duvets and towels too!

Life Without Plastic


Branch Basics




horti plant subscription


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