The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The Best Sustainable Fashion and Organic Beauty Shopping in Copenhagen, Denmark

Home of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the largest and most prominent conference on sustainable fashion in the world, Copenhagen is full of beautiful, stylish people who care deeply about aligning their wardrobe with their values. And with that comes some of the best sustainable fashion shopping in the world!

(Here’s what you should pack for visiting Copenhagen in the spring.)

Seriously, you have ethical fashion stores of all types along the cobblestone streets, from small boutiques selling unique artisan-made goods, up to huge brands doing sustainable collections of work-appropriate basics. I suggest you arrive to Copenhagen with a half-empty suitcase, because you’ll fall in love with the sustainable fashion stores found in this charming Scandinavian city.


Filled with sustainable picks from European brands, like Nudie Jeans, Kowtow blouses, Veja shoes, and O My Bag leather purses, this store is a minimalist wardrobe lover’s delight. The vibe is casual yet traditional — it’s what you would wear to your job if you don’t need to wear suiting, and what you would wear to lunch on the weekend with your in-laws. There’s also a small men’s section.

Sur Le Chemin

Find season-less basics made of sustainable materials in this little, Instagrammable store. Their main thing is womenswear based on menswear style: button downs, sweaters, t-shirts, and trousers in organic cotton and Tencel.

Be Awear

The vibe is fun and young at this store, with sustainable lingerie by Underprotection, jeans, t-shirts, blouses, and sweatshirts, plus a men’s section. They work only with certified sustainable brands, avoiding both plastic and leather.

The Organic Club

This store has two locations in Østerbro and Vesterbro, featuring home and beauty products, along with an amazing secondhand and swap section for members to choose from (hence the “Club” in the name).

Another View

This new-ish store (formerly known as Eden) has all sustainable fashion with cozy vibes. Think sweaters, pajamas, lingerie, and jackets suited to a very elegant, minimalist hippie.

Pure Shop Beauty

A fantastic beauty destination, this store stocks literally all my favorite non-toxic brands –– Coola, John Masters Organic, Jane Iredale and more — on two full floors of clean skincare and makeup.

Filippa K

Find professional or capsule wardrobe clothing at this popular Scandinavian brand, who advocates for making getting dress less complicated. Though not founded as a sustainable brand, it’s been going sustainable for the past few years, with a leasing system so you can try out the clothing without buying it, collection points for your old clothing, and eco-friendly materials. At the very least, you’ll find timeless, well-made items that you’ll wear at least 30 times.

My Favourite Things

This store sells clean beauty from European brands, plus beautiful fashion, loungewear, outerwear, and accessories, with a grown-up but insouciant look.

Fair Nomad Society

This store is fully stocked with artisan-made and upcycled home design, plus sustainable fashion and lifestyle products. Find upcycled leather jackets, soft sweaters, clean beauty, and the prettiest bamboo water bottles in a well-curated, welcoming space.


Yes, this is an ethical, more transparent offshoot brand by the juggernaut H&M, a brand that I actually have a ton of respect for in terms of moving the needle on sustainable fashion and making factories safe and compliant for workers. Find timeless womenswear, athletic wear, and children’s clothing, plus a café. I tried on several things, though nothing was quite right because I’m shorter than the average Scandinavian by a lot!


This store is mostly home stuff, and pretty crunchy, if I’m honest. But if you find yourself in need of some reusable and zero waste accessories, like a coffee mug or reusable makeup pads, this is the place to go. In terms of fashion, find t-shirts, button downs, raincoats, and cotton underwear. Of note is they sell women’s menstrual products at the wholesale cost.


This large European brand sells preppy men’s and women’s clothing, like checked button downs, slacks, and sundresses. Ask a sales associate to point you in the direction of their sustainable collections.

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