non-toxic sunscreenWell, now that I’m back from my weekend jaunt upstate, I have been reminded of the importance of sunscreen.

I may have been far away from the beach, but my red shoulders don’t care how sandy it was underfoot. If you’re going to be in the sun, always wear sunscreen!

As I flipped through an InStyle magazine (a rather old one, I admit. I have too many coming to the apartment to keep up with. It’s my un-eco-friendly vice.), they had a whole section on expert picks of the best beauty buys. In the “Sun Care” section, they recommended a variety, including a nod to the eco-friendly lifestyle with Badger spf 30 sunscreen.

This heavy-duty sunblock is rich in certified organic ingredients, such as jojoba oil and rosemary extract. “It’s gentle enough for children but strong enough for adults,” says dermatologist Ranella Hirsch of Cambridge Mass. Plus, the water-resistant formula won’t slip off no matter how much you sweat.

They neglected to mention that Badger also earns a stellar 8.4 on Good Guide (a website that rates products based on their environmental impact, social impact, and ingredient safety), beat out only by Kinesys, which I have never seen or heard of before. Badger, on the other hand, is a staple of any natural store’s personal care section.

The conclusion: Badger sunblock is my new go to for the fast-approaching summer weather. I can’t wait to slather up and head out to Coney Island!