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I know EcoCult readers aren’t the kind of girls who go running to the nearest department store, filling their arms with cheap, throwaway clothes. No, the EcoCult reader keeps a carefully curated closet, filled with classics mixed with updated looks that scratch your trend itch, all sourced from eco-friendly clothing stores.

If you’re as specific about I am about what you want to buy (“I’m looking for a pair of silk-ish, high-waisted trousers with a tapered leg”), and you’re also looking for it in the sustainable option, you have some searching in your future. But it can be found.

To make your job a little bit easier and more comprehensive, I’ve rounded up my favorite ethical and sustainable online clothing stores, in alphabetical order. Give my apologies to your bank account, and my congratulations to your closet.


Sustainable resort wear summer clothing

This fun store focuses on only the most stylish clothing and accessories made by artisans. Whenever I’m taking a warm-weather vacation, I use it as an excuse to hit up Accompany for all the hates, clutches, cover-ups, and sundresses I could ever need! Prices start at $13 for pineapple studs, up to $570 for an embroidered caftan.

Amour Vert

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 6.24.41 PM

This sustainable apparel company has a French/West Coast vibe, and has recently started carrying shoes and accessories as well. find sundresses, feminine tops, simple tanks, black pants, and timeless purses and heels. Prices range from $38 for a clingy black dress, to $188 for a flirty patterned dress.

ASOS Green Room

ASOS Green Room

The British company ASOS has been cleaning up on the American scene over the past few years. With a deep selection of on-trend items, it’s the place to go when you need something super specific–you can filter for color, style, occasion and size. The Green Room is a portion of the site devoted to items with a sustainable bent. Find kitshy bikinis made in the U.S.A, recycled metal jewelry and repurposed vintage clothing ranging from a mere $5 for tights all the way up to $3,000 for a vintage Chanel purse. The only drawback is that you have to go on faith that the items are ethical–there isn’t much background provided on why each item made the cut.



Filled with sustainably-made designer clothing for the creative Brooklyn or TriBeCa woman, Beklina makes for fabulous browsing. Find watercolor printed dresses, geometric jewelry and objects d’art for your home that will fill your cool quota for the fall. Just check your credit card limit, because prices go up to nearly $1,000.



At the intersection of ladylike and edgy, Ethica carries designer pieces from here and abroad that are fair trade, vegan, handcrafted, made in the U.S.A. or sustainable. Find pastel dresses and blouses with a twist, fun purses and intricate jewelry for prices starting at $70 and going up to almost $1,000.

Kaight Shop


The Brooklyn boutique Kaight Shop features eco-friendly fashion and accessories from conscious designers, many who live and work right in New York and are friends with the owner, Kate. If you can’t stop by the Atlantic Ave location to peruse in person, look through her site for stretch skinny jeans, reworked vintage dresses, and ankle booties that will become your go-to shoes for the fall and winter.



This NYC-based store provides a one-stop shop for ladies looking for pretty dresses, jeans in all colors, sleek satchels and purses, and chic jewelry that is environmentally friendly, sourced ethically and does social good. They also have a men’s shop with dapper, organic clothing. Prices range from a $34 bangle to a $1,600 dress. Oh, and if you use the code ECOCULT at checkout, you’ll get 10% off your purchase!

rêve en Vert 

reve en vert

Filled with dreamy dresses, tops, bags, jewelry and lingerie, this shop from across the pond in England offers up independent labels with sustainable business practices. Co-founders Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker together bring a sharp eye for eco-luxury at its best. Prices range from £34 (that’s $53) panties up to a $777 hand-embroidered blazer.



With a brick-and-mortar store downtown, a collab with Alexa Chung and an Instagram account full of leggy models cavorting around in backless dresses and crop tops, this brand has nailed cool.  They come out with new items for purchase from dead-stock and occasionally eco-friendly fabrics it seems like every day, but may I suggest taking a peek at their accessories made from vintage fur, for when the temperature drops? Prices range from an $58 tank up to a $288 dress.

Urban Renewal


Urban Outfitters has become a most hated retailer for their fast fashion philosophy, which is painful for those of us who actually like some of their things. Lately they’ve been pivoting and stocking more local designers and makers. And a little-known secret: they have a who sustainable section featured reworked vintage items and sustainable clothing by American designers. Joy! It’s a treasure trove of affordable sustainable fashion. (If the link above doesn’t take you directly to Urban Renewal, just click on Women’s on their homepage, and then Urban Renewal below that.)



This subset of Yoox features a curated selection of high-end sustainable and ethical fashion. Everything looks like it belongs in an accomplished woman’s West Village closet, from the jewelry, to the dresses, slim pants, jackets, one piece bathing suits, and quality accessories. Prices range from $24 for a small clutch, up to $760 for a designer blazer.




Only last when it comes to the alphabet, the newly launched Zady is where supply chain nerds go for supremely well-crafted clothing and accessories for men and women. Prices range from $24 polka dot socks up to a $480 Italian leather purse reminiscent of Céline. To truly understand the ambition behind this site, you have to read my interview with the two all-star founders.

By the way, I have a big, bad, curated shopping guide with more ethical stores, brands, men’s stuff, lingerie, jewelry, and home design. Go check it out!