I decided to go try naked co-ed yoga before I ever decided to write about it. But a few hours before the class, I thought, “I should be writing about this experience.” Because it is a pretty unique experience, right? 

Hmm, where to place a confessional, slightly embarrassing story that acknowledges the existence of lady parts? Duh, xoJane. (I also did a short write up for Well+Good and will link to it when it’s live.) Read:

You’ve never really seen yourself naked until you’ve gotten a close-up look at yourself in shoulder stand.

This is what I thought as I stared at the skin of my stomach, which was folding over itself and sliding down toward my breasts. My breasts, freed as they were from the restraints of a sports bra, were heading toward my face, which was just inches away from this unappetizing view. I had never even wondered before if breasts are cute upside down. But now, I know they are not.


Surprisingly, up until this point I had been feeling fairly attractive. Warrior pose, with my arms outstretched, my spine erect, and my front leg bent, made me feel like Beyoncé. Mountain pose, where you just stand at the front of the mat, was doable. Extended side angle? Sure!

All these poses were done completely in the nude. No Lululemon pants. No sports bra. Not even a thong between my lady parts and the eyes of the instructor and my classmate.

Both people in the room with me were women, however. The biggest challenge was yet to come, when I would take a naked co-ed yoga class.

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