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Why Can't Online Retailers Say Where Their Clothes Are Made?

Why Can’t Online Retailers Say Where Their Clothes Are Made?

Two years ago, the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,133 people and injuring over 2,500 more. When confronted with images of the destruction and loss of life, we all wanted to know what wecould do to shop more responsibly and stop contributing to the exploitation and even death of marginalized workers in...
  • 36 Eco-Friendly Fashion Items I'm Coveting for Fall

    36 Eco-Friendly Fashion Items I’m Coveting for Fall

    The following 36 items constitute my wish list of things that I would buy if I were suddenly to find $10,000 in my pocket. I obviously can't buy everything, but it's fun to look. Hopefully, I can bring myself to pare this down to a reasonable number that will spruce up my wardrobe. And I...