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Weekend Reading: Now I've Made My Skin Sad

Weekend Reading: Now I’ve Made My Skin Sad

I’m going to the Women’s March on Washington on the 21st. Are you? Are you marching in your own city? Let me know in the comments! Me Elsewhere on the Internet I contributed a sustainable resolution to this excellent roundup full of incredible sustainable figures. #honored | mindbodygreen Fashion The dirty secret about your clothes. | Washington...
  • Why I'm Ditching "Resolutions" in Favor of "Affirmations" for 2017

    Why I’m Ditching “Resolutions” in Favor of “Affirmations” for 2017

    I feel like my New Year's resolutions have always failed. But in the past seven years, I've succeeded in so many ways. It's all because of one word switch.
    My Painfully Honest New Year's Resolutions, 2016 Edition

    My Painfully Honest New Year’s Resolutions, 2016 Edition

    When I found my old resolutions from 2012 (when EcoCult didn’t exist yet; I wrote it for its precursor, Clean Hippie) and 2014, I closed one eye to click on them. I was worried I would find something embarrassing. I was relieved when I read them. I realized that I wanted the same things then that I want...
    My Sustainable and Otherwise New Year's Resolutions for 2014

    My Sustainable and Otherwise New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

      I feel so superior this year as New Year’s Eve approaches. In past years I’ve mixed up my resolutions using a potent concoction of self-loathing and regret. Observe: 2012 was “Don’t ever take shots again.” 2011 was “Find a job.” 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 was, “Lose weight. A lot of it. And...
    My Painfully Honest New Year's Resolutions

    My Painfully Honest New Year’s Resolutions

    I was thinking the other night about the only New Years resolution I remember keeping. I mean, I nailed in a satisfying way we rarely get as grownups, or ever, really. I was 11, and I decided that my New Years resolution would be to start brushing my teeth at night before I went to...