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Greenwash Alert: Tulum, Mexico Has a Sewage Problem and You're Swimming In It

Greenwash Alert: Tulum, Mexico Has a Sewage Problem and You’re Swimming In It

This was just going to another fun and light eco-friendly destination guide, this time to Tulum, Mexico. And I was excited to write it! On its surface, Tulum is tailor-made for the conscious traveler. There are an abundance of vegan and farm-to-table restaurants serving traditional Mexican food. You can’t throw your sandal without hitting a...
  • Weekend Reading: Welcome to My Mind

    Weekend Reading: Welcome to My Mind

    Hi readers! I’m restarting this Friday link-up after a long, long time of just doing it in my newsletter. It’s a way for me to show my fellow bloggers love, as well as keep you apprised of the sustainable chatter going on in the scene (and my head). I’m sorry this one is so long....
    I Talked to H&M's Sustainability Manager. Here's What He Said

    I Talked to H&M’s Sustainability Manager. Here’s What He Said

    I stepped out of the elevator into a H&M’s NYC headquarters. To my left was a rainbow pile of discarded clothes reaching to the ceiling. I checked my coat, plucked a glass of wine from a tray, and headed into H&M’s showroom, which had been transformed into a low-lit gallery filled with avant garde upcycled garments,...
    Greenwashing Alert: Kiehl's

    Greenwashing Alert: Kiehl’s

    It all started in the heart of NYC’s East Village in the year 1851. The company Kiehl’s was founded by John Kiehl, later to be bought by a Russian-Jewish emigre and pharmacologist by the name of Irving Morse. Kiehl’s was a small, family-owned homeopathic pharmacy known for their natural skincare products, and in the 1980’s...
    Made in(spired by) India? Anthropologie's Cultural Sleight of Hand

    Made in(spired by) India? Anthropologie’s Cultural Sleight of Hand

    This post is by Catherine of Walking With Cake, a blog about family, home, fair fashion, and everything in between. When Anthropologie’s latest catalog arrived in the mail, I spent a time perusing it Friday night. I’ve written about this brand in the past and even dissected their site to find ethical clothing options, which is...
    Greenwashing Alert: Lush Cosmetics

    Greenwashing Alert: Lush Cosmetics

    In a perfect world, I would be able to walk into a store with signs proclaiming, “natural!” “green!” “ethical!” and trust that these proclamations were sincere. Sadly, in today’s world this simply isn’t the case. As consumers, we need to do our research to decide which companies’ moral compasses have led them down the right path,...