Readers, we need to discuss something that may not be as exciting or sexy as fair trade lingerie, but is far more important: your electricity. I’m sorry, but biking to work and eating organic doesn’t mean sh** if you are still using regular, coal-fired electricity in your home.

Real talk: Coal-powered power plants are the top source for CO2 emissions, which are the main cause of global warming, and 44% of our electricity is still generated by coal. In just one year, the average American household electricity use generates over 16,000 pounds of carbon pollution per year. Doesn’t that make you feel icky?

It should.

But how do you wean yourself off of coal power? Well, you could:

1. Move off the grid to a yurt. (Tried it–doesn’t work.)

2. Call up your electricity company and ask for wind energy, and see what happens. (Outside of New York and Texas, nothing will happen.)

Get a free mason jar mug when you switch to clean energy!3. Sign up at Arcadia Power and get $20 gift certificate to Simply Straws, which will get you a sweet mason jar mug. (Hint: this one is the best option.) 

Arcadia Power is a company that lets you purchase clean energy for your home, no matter what state you live in. (If you live in the Southeast or Midwest, I suggest you sit up and listen, because your energy usage is especially dirty.) For the average household, using Arcadia Power for just one month offsets more emissions than biking to work for a year, not barbecuing for 200 years, or not showering for 6 months. < Whoa.

How it works:

  • Signing up for Arcadia Power takes about 5 minutes. Make sure to use the code ecocult in the promo box.
  • It links up to your local utility to purchase clean energy for your home based on your exact usage.
  • You still receive just one power bill every month, and the same reliability that you’re used to.
  • You don’t need to sign a contract, or install anything.
  • You don’t even need to own your own home. The only requirement to sign up is an electricity bill in your name.
  • At 1.5 cents per KWh, for the average customer Arcadia Power clean energy costs less than 25 cents per day, or just about $8 per month.
  • To further incentivize you, you get access to discounts at companies like The Honest Company, Nature Box, Emmy’s Organics, and EcoBags–which I all personally love.
  • Every month, you support pollution-free wind power projects in the same markets where Apple, Whole Foods, and Google buy their clean energy.
  • View your environmental impact, energy usage, rewards, and projects you are supporting all from your customer dashboard on your desktop or through our mobile app.

$8 a month to know that you aren’t contributing to West Virginia mountaintops being blasted off, Miami being inundated, or wildfires ripping through California. Not bad.

Sign up for Arcadia Power, and use the promo code ecocult to snag your gift card.