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Sustainable Things to Do on Your Visit to Williamsburg Brooklyn [New Stores Added!]

Updated May 2019

There will always be arguments about where is truly cool in NYC. It’s always shifting, roaming, looking for a new place to alight and throw a warehouse party. But there’s no arguing with the fact that for a full day of delicious organic and local food, craft cocktails, and sustainable and local fashion, you can’t beat the long list of things to do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I live a 20-minute walk from this smorgasbord of shopping and eating, close enough to pop over when I want to host an out-of-town visitor, who invariably love it.

So put on comfortable shoes (if only because we Brooklyn girls don’t wear heels) and get a taste of our conscious culture that respects people, the environment and animals.

by Alden Wicker

SHOP: Upstate Stock

2 Berry Street (at North 14th)

Find made-in-America men’s clothing and accessories, plus local artisan foods and apothecary. It’s the perfect place to pick up a gift for the friend who is letting you crash on their couch!

Photo: by Alden Wicker
Photo: by Alden Wicker


80 Wythe Avenue (between N 11th & N 12th St), Brooklyn

With gorgeous views across the East River to the Manhattan sunset, this is the hotel where all the famous artists and DJs stay when they come to Williamsburg. If you can’t afford one of the rooms – beautifully renovated from an old factory – then pop in for a morning espresso, lunch or dinner at Reynard, the farm-to-table restaurant, or a drink in The Ides, the rooftop bar.

by Alden Wicker

SHOP: Canvas by Querencia Studio

132 Bedford Ave (at N 10th)

With another location on the Upper East Side, this collection of spaces hosts and facilitates experiences and events aimed at addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Workshops, installations, galleries, pop-ups, events and experiences further initiatives contributing to solving the worlds most critical issues. Stop by the garage-style store in Williamsburg featuring small sustainable Brooklyn and NYC designers doing unique and creative experimental style — this place offers the kind of fashion that you can’t find in any other city.

by Rachel Fry
by Rachel Fry

SHOP: Artists & Fleas Market

(open weekends) 70 North 7th Street (between Kent & Wythe), Brooklyn

I brought a friend here four years ago, and I still see her sporting the vintage fox medallion she bought there in pictures to this day. Find a charming array of vintage and handmade sellers that make Etsy look out of touch. No matter what you buy, you can be assured it’s a uniquely Brooklyn find.

By Alden Wicker

SHOP: Credo

99 North 6th Street (between Wythe and Berry)

Been wanting to get into non-toxic beauty but don’t know where to start? Have a skin issue and need help finding the right product? This beautiful clean beauty store has got you covered. Walk in and spend an hour spritzing, sampling, and inhaling, without the stress of getting accosted with synthetic perfumes the way you would in a department store.

Sustainable shopping in Williamsburg brooklyn: catbird
by Rachel Fry

SHOP: Catbird

219 Bedford Avenue (between N 4th & 5th St), Brooklyn

Get back on the main drag Bedford and squeeze inside this tiny shop of sparkly things. Find all the everyday earrings you need for your first, second, third, and fifth piercings, pretty cards and gifts, and tiny bottles of perfume, all sourced from local designers, and made with ethically sourced or recycled stones and gold.

Things to Do Williamsburg: Egg farm-to-table breakfast restaurant
by Rachel Fry

EAT: Egg

109 North 3rd Street (near Berry St), Brooklyn

Start with an affordable but filling southern-style breakfast at this famously good breakfast spot. The locally-sourced and organic ingredients are certainly not vegetarian, but when you’re offered country ham, you take it. (Or you could get the granola bowl, don’t freak out.)

Things to Do Williamsburg: Brooklyn Denim
by Rachel Fry

SHOP: Brooklyn Denim Co.

85 North 3rd Street (at Wythe Ave), Brooklyn

Time to put on your big girl pants. This store will do what it takes to find you your forever jeans, the ones that you will love so much, you’ll break in the knees yourself. They carry several sustainable denim brands like EcoCult favorite Nudie, their in-house brand, and the other brands from the U.S.

Things to Do Williamsburg: Baggu reusable bags
by Rachel Fry

SHOP: Baggu

242 Wythe Ave (at North 3rd), Brooklyn

Pop across the street and pick up all the pretty reusable bags you will ever need from Baggu. Or splurge and get one of their bucket bags, which are quickly becoming iconic, or a lovely canvas backpack.

By Alden Wicker

EAT: By Chloe

171 North 3rd Street (Between Bedford and Driggs)

Pop into this buzzy outpost of this vegan restaurant for some comfort vegan food, including salads, smoothies, tempeh-chia-lentil-walnut burgers, fries, and even ice cream.

Things to Do Williamsburg: Bedford Cheese Shop
by Rachel Fry

NIBBLE: Bedford Cheese Shop

265 Bedford Avenue (Between North 1st and Grand)

Wondering what souvenirs to bring home to your family and friends? Walk inside (new location!) and pick up delicious somethings like chocolate, popcorn, jam, condiments, pasta, cured meats, and – of course – cheese. And it’s all stuff from small businesses.

by Alden Wicker

SHOP: Coclico

101 Metropolitan Ave at Wythe Avenue

All of the materials for this conscious shoe brand are sourced locally in Europe, near their small, family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. Coclico partners with Native Energy to track its annual in-house carbon usage and offsets this amount by investing in international renewable energy projects. Most importantly, they make the most beautiful minimalist and classic shoes that you’ve been craving.

SHOP: The Better Shop

155 Grand Street at Bedford Ave

Continuing on from a pop-up of sustainable brands, this new store features dresses by Carolina K., Wyldaire hats, Pala sunglasses, and a lot of vintage and upcycled fashion.

SHOP: Package Free

137 Grand Street (between Berry and Bedford)

This store by Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers features everything you need to live completely waste free, from refillable soap containers, to safety razors.

EAT: Freehold

Coffee shop full of networkers by day, bar by night, bumpin’ outdoor space during the summer, this space recently switched to paper straws in a bid to be a better neighbor to the nearby East River.

Sustainable local shopping NYC Williamsburg Brooklyn
by Rachel Fry

SHOP: Swords-Smith

98 S 4th Street (at Berry Street)

Not exclusively dedicated to sustainable clothing, but if you ask, they will enthusiastically point you in the right direction, like Kowtow, Fanmail men’s clothing (made in Greenpoint from sustainable, non-GMO fabrics that are naturally dyed), Jed and Marne (foot-loomed textiles), and Skin (produces in Peru from natural, organic fibers).

Farm to table restaurant williamsburg brooklyn
by Rachel Fry

EAT: Diner

85 Broadway (at Berry St), Brooklyn

If you’re feeling really peckish, see if you can get a seat for lunch or dinner at this unassuming restaurant on the south side of Williamsburg. (Hint: It’s not actually a Diner.) There’s no menu. Instead, a server will write down the specials for you, which usually involves a lot of meticulously sourced meat and organic vegetable sides.

Nontoxic hair salon brooklyn White Room
by Rachel Fry

RELAX: WHITEROOM Salon and Apothecary

Feeling inspired by all the amazing, edgy haircuts you’ve been seeing around? Or just want to pick up some non-toxic Brooklyn beauty products? Here’s your place. This hair salon avoids products that use sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, and parabens, plus sells fave natural brands like Flynn & King, Earth Tu, and more.

Sustainable shopping Williamsburg Brooklyn Species by the Thousands
by Rachel Fry

SHOP: Species by the Thousands

171 South 4th Street (at Driggs Ave), Brooklyn

Tap your inner witch and pick up some gifts for yourself and your bff at this hip store. There are wiccan-like bronze and crystal jewelry, sage mist, dream catchers, candles and all manner of oddities.

Dr. Cow vegan cheese Williamsburg brooklyn
by Rachel Fry


93 South 6th Street (between Berry St & Bedford Ave), Brooklyn

This has become the golden standard for delicious vegan cheese, but beside from artful wedges of “cheese,” you’ll also find little chocolate truffles and other vegan products in this tiny storefront.

Sustainable things to do Williamsburg Brooklyn Brewery
by Rachel Fry

DO: Brooklyn Brewery

79 North 11th Street (between Wythe Ave & Berry St), Brooklyn

This iconic sustainable beer brewery has a beer garden, and also offers tours of the facility. But beware: you need to sign up a month in advance for the tour!

Vegan restaurant Williamsburg Brooklyn
by Rachel Fry

EAT: Little Choc Apothecary

141 Havemeyer Street (between S 1st St & S 2nd St), Brooklyn

You mad at me for sending you to a meat-heavy restaurant? Sowry. May I offer you this vegan creperie instead? If you’re not hungry but need a nibble, get a truffle, or sit upstairs and relax with some tea or a smoothie.

by Alden Wicker

RELAX: PH7 Nail Couture

227 Grand Street (at Driggs Ave), Brooklyn

This is by far my favorite non-toxic nail salon in New York City, with a zen-like atmosphere, a panoply of 5-free nail colors to choose from, and experienced technicians. You might need a break after all that walking!

Vintage shopping Williamsburg Brooklyn Stella Dallas

by Rachel Fry

SHOP VINTAGE: 10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas

285 North 6th Street (at Meeker Ave), Brooklyn

It wouldn’t be a proper Brooklyn visit without some vintage. And this shop is tops. Find literally any vintage thing you could hope for: Doc Martens, band tees, 70s leather motorcycle jackets, fur coats, bandanas, tutus, ponchos, denim, the list goes on. Next door is the original Stella Dallas for home, with kilim rugs and throw pillows and checkered tablecloths.

Things to Do Williamsburg
by Rachel Fry

NIBBLE: Campbell’s Cheese and Grocery

502 Lorimer Street (at Powers St), Brooklyn

Ok, first of all, you will not find a better biscuit in all the Northeast. Theirs is like crack, so if you get there for breakfast, get one. This is also a great place to stop if you want to have a picnic in McCarren Park, or if you are on your way to a friend’s apartment and want to show up with some fancy snacks, beer, or cider. Or if you want a truly orgasmic, melt-y sandwich. Or a gorgeous gift for a wannabe chef or homemaker back home. The only drawback is the feeling of want you have when you realize you can’t buy everything in the store.

The Drink bar Williamsburg Brooklyn
by Rachel Fry

DRINK: The Drink

228 Manhattan Avenue (between Grand St & Maujer St), Brooklyn

Exhausted? Collapse on one of the benches in the idyllic backyard of The Drink, a great little bar in Williamsburg that makes its own teas, syrups and mustards, plus composts and recycles.

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