The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Sustainable Surf, Beach, and Outdoor Fashion for Nature Lovers

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Getting ourselves into nature can re-inspire us to protect our natural inheritance. Spending time near the ocean—whatever the season—might be the epitome of this feeling, whether you find yourself sitting wonderstruck on your board during sunset, waiting for the swell, or strolling along the gorgeously desolate winter beach, listening to the hypnotic crashing of the waves. 

No matter who we are, the ocean reminds us of the beauty of our natural world while leaving us feeling centered, a part of something grander. In these all-too-short moments, we feel a bone-deep desire not to disturb the planet’s ecosystems. It’s a shame, then, that our oceans are one of the ecosystems most affected by manmade pollution, with around 8 million plastic bottles eventually finding their way into our oceans alongside other single-use plastics.

So how can we be part of these awe-inducing spaces while leaving them better than we found them? One way is to align our wardrobes with a lifestyle that is simpler and immersed in nature. That includes shopping with ethical brands that provide you with a high-quality wardrobe for time outside, while prioritizing sustainable materials. 

Carve Designs, a beach and outdoor lifestyle brand, creates more sustainable designs without sacrificing comfort, fit, or style. By choosing plastic-free packaging, and using innovative materials like the Coconut Balsa, for example, a unique blend of coconut husks and recycled plastic bottles, Carve Designs is making waves in the sustainable beachwear space.

Carve Designs’ Evolution from Surf to the Greater Outdoors

With Carve Design’s 20th birthday just around the corner, the brand has come a long way from its 2003 launch as a surf apparel company. The two female founders, Jennifer Hinton and Thayer Sylvester, decided to kick-start Carve Designs when they were both on a surf trip in Mexico. Sitting and watching the waves roll in, the founders discussed how hard it was to find boardshorts suited for adventure for real women with real bodies. 

From this premise, Carve Designs started with the classics, like rash guards and board shorts, but has since expanded into a beach lifestyle brand offering both swimwear and cozy apparel perfect for leaf peeping and beach bonfires. Amongst Carve’s designs, you can now find jeans, overalls, joggers, sweaters, and all of the beach classics. The Carson Denim items make use of sustainable cotton, while the Bonfire jumpsuits are 45% lyocell, an innovative fabric made from fast-growing eucalyptus wood pulp. 

For the summer, the brand offers size-inclusive one-piece swimsuits made especially for tall women, their mix-and-match bikini tops in up to Large DD, and their popular organic cotton shorts in up to size 16.

Turning Waste into Something Wonderful – What is Coconut Balsa

Recycled polyester has taken the eco-friendly performance-wear world by storm. Sustainable brands have been contending with the need for plastic-based materials to add durability and practicality to garments for some time. However, recycled polyester has been raised as a more sustainable alternative, allowing brands to reduce virgin fabric that relies on petroleum for manufacturing and recycling otherwise wasted material.

Carve Designs have mixed recycled polyester with coconut husk—transforming waste into something wearable, resulting in a soft and lightweight fabric. The coconut husks are turned into activated carbon using high heat and then combined with the polyester filament yarns. Because of this use of carbon, the fabric inherently controls body temperature, naturally deodorizes, is UV resistant, and has water-repellent properties. These swimsuits can be worn season after season thanks to these durable fabrics.

While we love the idea of sporting a modern take on the coconut bikini, this incredible material is not your only low-impact lifestyle wear option. Carve Designs has a company-wide dedication to sustainability, with 85% of its materials coming from sustainable sources. For example, the Oahu collection uses organic cotton that is pesticide-free and non-GMO. These thicker corduroy shorts are perfect for a beachside walk when the autumn water keeps you from jumping in. 

Performance Fabrics

Swimmers and surfers put enormous strain on their garments—surfwear has to be lightweight, and exceptionally durable to withstand the salt, sand, and surfboard wax while still providing wearers with long-term use. The founders of Carve Designs understand this and have carefully selected materials for their rash guards and bathing suits that their customers can put their faith in, such as FlyWeight™, a lightweight and comfortable fabric sourced from recycled plastic bottles. 

Plus, every order arrives to you 100% biodegradable, compostable, plant-based packaging. 

A Life of Simplicity and Quality

The brand’s philosophy is derived from its founders’ love for the ocean, so naturally, they are doing what they can to protect it. Carve Designs has partnered with The Ocean Conservancy which, by developing evidence-based solutions for a healthy ocean, strives to save our ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it. 

When you’re headed out into nature, what you want is something comfortable and versatile that simplifies your packing process so you can focus on what is important. With pages of raving reviews mentioning the fit, support, practicality, and adjustability, Carve Designs makes it easy to choose the perfect thing that will be with you for years and years of saltwater and desert nights. 

Like any good road trip, sustainability is a journey, not a destination. The founders of Carve Designs encourage their customers to ride along with them as they continue to learn and take on new challenges, trying every day to make harmonious decisions that advocate for the oceans, while enjoying them in the here and now.

So make some time for the simple moments in nature, dressed in comfortable clothing designed to look after you and generations to come.

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