I don’t often plan my style posts. I get dressed up for this or that, and then decide I really like what I see. And I frantically text a friend to see if they can meet up for a picture (like this one), or tell my boyfriend to grab his “fancy camera,” when I get to his apartment before we head out (like this one).

The other night I threw on an outfit to head out to a party at Cameo Gallery, and I realized I really liked what I was wearing. But I had five minutes until I left, I was heading straight to the party, and no one was around. So I hastily took this picture to document my outfit. Because goddamnit, it was worth documenting.

I know, the quality isn’t great, and neither is the background, and I wanted to get closeups of my jewelry. But there you have it. Please forgive me my blogging lapses. But what you’re seeing is a head-to-toe sustainable outfit:


And that’s all by accident, my loves. I have enough sustainable pieces in my closet at this point that I randomly pull together eco-friendly outfits on the fly. Anyway, anyone else having an Empire Records moment?