Lately, I’ve noticed this thing that Brooklyn women are doing. They put on flattering yoga leggings, fashion sneakers, and layer a nice coat on top, with a beanie topping it off. Not a sweatshirt. Not an athletic zip up. A coat. Something with lapels, in wool, with clean lines and tailoring.

It’s not sloppy, just insouciant. It’s a look that says, “I wish to be comfortable, but I have nice things.” It’s effortless while still looking chic.

Or maybe it’s not a thing, it’s just an accident. After all, this past weekend, I pulled on yoga leggings, a t-shirt, slipped into my new gold Veja sneakers, threw my favorite coat on top. Voila: I have the look.

Alden Wicker of EcoCult in a Line Dry coat, Beyond Yoga leggings, gold Veja sneakers, and a Sh*t That I Knit hat

Line Dry coat, Beyond Yoga leggings, gold Veja sneakers, Nudie Jeans tee, and a Shit That I Knit hat


The beanie with the fur pom-pom is by Shit That I Knit. I KNOW. Best name ever. I met the badass entrepreneur behind it, Christina, when I was in Boston and she gave me this hat to try out.* I’m in love.

STIN has over thirty local knitters turning out accessories made from hand-dyed Peruvian merino wool, alpaca, or cashmere. The one I’m wearing, the Gunn Beanie, is made of Peruvian merino wool and coyote fur. Christina sourced the handmade fur pom-pom from a female trapper in Canada. Canada (well, everywhere in North America) is currently dealing with an overpopulation of coyotes, who are moving into urban areas and preying on pets and livestock. Nova Scotia has even put a bounty on coyote pelts, to keep coyotes from becoming too comfortable skulking around residential areas.

The pom-pom makes my friends laugh, because it bounces around super cute. And the merino wool is soft and warm. If fur isn’t your thing, though, there are several fur-free options as well.


Alden Wicker in a Sh*t That I Knit hat and Line Dry Apparel coat

I’m also the proud new owner of gold Veja sneakers, which I got from Zady. (Zady is sold out of the gold, but Veja, a French company, ships worldwide.) Veja has sustainable and ethical production at the core of their mission. They use organic cotton, wild harvested Amazonian rubber, and vegetable-tanned leather, and pay fair wages to their Brazilian workers.

The leggings are by Beyond Yoga, which manufactures in L.A.

Gold Veja sneakers

*For free. Thanks, Christina!