I’m so bored with wearing puffy coats! And when that happens, you need to get creative with layers. So I put on a super warm sweater, layered my favorite leather jacket on top, and a faux fur vest on top of that. And I was comfortable!

Give a shit beanie

Svilu wool sweater at Rodale’s, conventional leather jacket from five seasons ago, conventional faux fur vest, leather skirt made in Brooklyn by ashmata, available on Etsy

The skirt I found at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg, one of my favorite places to shop. And because the maker lives in New York, I was able to contact her when I lost weight so she could take it in so it sits at my natural waist again. Benefits of knowing your maker, right there!


Vintage purse


SOLO sunglasses, available at SOLO, certified organic knee-high socks available at Made Collection. Conventional boots are from four seasons ago.

Giveashit beanie

Giveashit organic beanie, available at A Question Of